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Would I break the rules if I...

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Would I break the rules if assigned 1 of the keys on my gaming keyboard to do the following:


When dropping resources such as logs off the action bar with the chat box collapsed, its a right click then a left click. If I assigned a key on my keyboard to do a right click and then a left click, and I spammed that key to drop a load of logs, would that be against the rules?


A little more macro-ish....


At the LRC, I use the action bar to selection super heat, then I left click to superheat a gold ore into a bar, and then I use a second action bar key to drop the gold bar. I can program my keyboard so that a single key rotates between a bind each time it's pressed. So if my action bar had been keybound so that super heat was 1 and drop gold bar was 2, the single key on my keyboard would first be a 1, then it would be a left click, and then a 2, and it would loop. It would still require 3 presses of the key for 3 actions. Would that be legal?


I don't want my 8 year old account to get banned for something like what I have above, and I have been doing both for a couple months now. With all the high level accounts being banned it got me thinking I could be breaking the rules without realizing it.


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Itds technically legal but probably considered a grey area because of how subjective the macro rules are depending on the mod who is answering questions about it at the time.


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The rule for AHK has always been '1 input to 1 output'


That means 1 button can move the mouse

1 can left click

1 can right click

But 1 can't do all 3.


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You can't do the right - left click in one action, properly.


I don't know about rotating key binds. Technically, changing key binds takes 3 actions (right click, left click, press key), but that's not really what you're doing here, so I highly doubt it'd get you banned if you used a similar automatic function. What is definitely out is pressing the key and having 1, 2, 1, 2 etc. activating in time with the superheats, without even unpressing the key. But just pressing a key over and over should be safe.

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