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Hi, I've recently developed a CMS from scratch using PHP and MySQL running through Apache/phpmyadmin on a localhost.Everything has gone very smoothly so far, visitors may view articles and navigate through the page successfully.


Admins (created by an Admin on the CMS or in the MySQL schema) can log in, view articles, edit articles, view and edit users and delete articles.



My problem is that when articles are deleted, a next/previous button at the bottom (of any existing articles) with a function of


 <?php if ($id != 1) : ?>

<a href="article.php?id=<?php echo $id - 1; ?>">Previous Article</a>


<?php endif; ?> 


which looks for a previously existing article with x-id, however since this article was deleted it no longer exists.


Is there any way to remove the article id as the article is deleted, thus freeing up that article id again? I can manually reset the id to 0,1,2,3... etc. in the schema on phpmyadmin, but I'd like to apply some logic in order to make this system work flawlessly.


Many thanks for you help, if I get time I'll upload the CMS to my web server so that it can be viewed freely.




EDIT: a video can be viewed here:



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You could add the id to a list and then check the list for available ids before generating a new id.

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It's all right - I figured it ^^


Did it by querying id:



SELECT * FROM articles WHERE id > ? ORDER BY id LIMIT 1

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