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22-Jul-2013 - RuneScape 3!


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Is anyone else extremely disappointed in the actual gameplay of the world event?


From the way they described it, I didn't think it was just racing to tag trash monsters and skilling for negligible amounts of xp...

Yeah I was expecting something alot more interesting.

Look up just a few posts :P Hopefully the reinforcements will make it far more interesting. Zalok said he heard that both sides were going to be receiving their "traditional powerhouses", so I'm hoping for some Flash Mob-esque demons and big "noble" creatures like the above.

At that, has anyone else noticed how Saradomin seems to only have mammals in his command, while deadthix had all scaly and slimy creatures?


Saradomin is basically the medieval catholic church, in which serpents and the like are considered evil.

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I think that the main thing that makes the Battle of Lumbridge so spectacular is that we can expect this to be normal from now on--for us to have constantly changing weekly content for the rest of Runescape's lifetime, and in return only give up one update every ten weeks. (World Event launch days seem to take up a Major Update slot, if this is a precedent.)


It's a pretty amazing thing considering the update schedule we were formerly used to. Remember, these World Events are going to be going on whilst everything else is--Divination, the four new Sixth Age quests they want to release by the end of the year, and gods know what else is up Jagex's sleeves.


Not to mention the fact that Jagex wanted Divination to be tied into world events--meaning that the current "chop/fish/mine nodes for tears" setup seems to be only a temporary workaround for the postponed Divination release. Who knows what format the future world events will be in. I highly doubt every single event will be an all-out war like this one is--especially if it was something like Seren vs Zaros, of which neither side seems to be particularly interested in the use of enormous armies of mindless warriors.


But yeah, just my thoughts. As it is, it's a nicely designed temporary minigame that changes week to week and has nice rewards--but I think the future will hold things that are even more interesting. This is an entirely new kind of update--and like minigames, skills, and quests, there will be a constant evolution of different variations on the same idea.




Also note that we have not yet seen the end of these events--I imagine that the winning god will, as Jagex has said in the past, alter the land he has won to fit his image. I wonder if Saradomin will build a giant fortress where the crater now stands and expand Lumbridge up to it, or something along those lines?


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Yeah, this is just the first week of years worth of content. I fully expected this out of the first one. If you have a vision of what you would like to see out of a world event, hop on over to the suggestions subforum on the RSOF and make a thread. With likely years of war coming up, I'm sure jagex would be open to suggestions.

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And with this whole "Sara could be more powerful than Zaros" - It depends. If Sara did get the entire cache of Elder weapons then perhaps. But Zaros is a "Tier 2" God anyways... And even when impaled by the Staff of Arma could not be felled by Zamorak. Aaaaaand he's the only known God to be able to leave his body on a whim (which essentially made him instantly become Voldemort to me...).


Perhaps what perplexes me most is about how these beings attained Godhood... Zamorak it was being impaled on the Staff of Arma with Zaros and siphoning his power, then also finding the Stone of Jas when he came back for a bit. Sara it's hypothesised that it was because he's had the Elder Crown for 10,000+ years that it's changed him and given him Godhood. Guthix siphoned the power of Skargaroth. Armadyl had the Elder Staff so could well have gained another God's powers.


Bandos is thought to be inherantly Godly anyways. As in he's always had it, like Zaros seems to have too... And Seren is inferred to be the divine part of the Anima Mundi and arrived at Guthix invite.


Zaros WAS a tier 2 god.

In talk Mod Osbourne made it pretty clear losing his body and power to Zamorak has made Zaros weaker, at least Tier 3 which would equal Sara etc.


On becoming god:

Guthix got power from both Tuska and Skargaroth, then supplemented with the sword and stone, kind of implied he also handle the staff and horn too since he knew of them.

Armadyl did not get godhood via the staff. The staff is confirmed to be on Gielinor when Guthix arrived and Arma arrived as a god.

Bandos and Seren whilst we simply do not know here Mod Osbourne has made it pretty clear there is no such thing as inherently being a god and that it is a status obtained. The two means we know of are killing a god and spending a long time with an artefact (and with 12 of them kicking about and only 6 some what accounted for that's plenty of artefact) though he has heavily implied there may be other ways and raised questions about whether beings such as mahjratt or dragonkin that are immensely powerful could ascending by some other means.


As for the Sliske thing I kinda suspect he gave the staff and power to the Dragonkin. We know they want to break free from the Stone and that Sliske had to offer them something to get the staff from them. Would be a logical trade in my eyes: He gets an item that can kill a god to help Zaros return whilst the Dragonkin get a mass of power that might just be enough to break free from the Stone.

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Is anyone else extremely disappointed in the actual gameplay of the world event?


From the way they described it, I didn't think it was just racing to tag trash monsters and skilling for negligible amounts of xp...


This is RuneScape. Whenever Jagex announces "groundbreaking new content," they really just mean "something new to grind tediously."

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I'm a bit dissapointed at Kara-Meir's character, she seems much more angry than I'd expect her to be, considering her actions in the books. Am I the only one here who's read them? :lol:

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Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

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JMods and JMod clones on W42 battlefield.


Apparently they drop tear shards. Unfortunately I capped like right before this foolishness began, so I've no idea how many.

They're also wearing unique banners in addition to capes on their back. Doesn't sound like we can get them, though.

The actual JMods weren't saying much of anything interesting. Typical, responding only to vague questions with vague answers.


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I'm a bit dissapointed at Kara-Meir's character, she seems much more angry than I'd expect her to be, considering her actions in the books. Am I the only one here who's read them? :lol:


Nope, you're not :) And you may be right about the anger, but nonetheless I think it's awesome to - finally- see/meet her in game! It almost makes me want to line up with her choice of god..

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Mod Pips is currently doing an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit. I am currently doing a summary list over here. I'll be posting any interesting news in this post too.

  • Jagex has no plans to increase or decrease the scope of the SoF or Solomon's Store.
  • Next big Sixth Age quest is three weeks away--and there will be "lots more" quests before the end of the year.
  • The have two to three years worth of World Event and Sixth Age lore content "penciled in", but so much of it depends on the outcome of World Events that they don't have it set in stone yet.
  • There is ongoing debate between the Eastern Lands and Prifddinas right now. I imagine this means which one will be developed first, as they both have enormous graphics/programming budgets



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Honestly, how are you meant to collect enough of these metal fragments? I've killed all minions I've seen for the last while and I've only got 18. It just takes forever...


Also, what's wrong with the music? If I select any tracks manually they never play. If I enter an area the track plays for a bit but never repeats. Didn't there used to be an option to loop the background track? I can't find it now.



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I can't say I'm full of joy by RS3 so far. The 5th age only lasted 170 years, and with the death of Guthix, the story has many open spots to fill in. I'm not really sure what the God Emmisary's have to do with this lore, so far. Only Zamorak and Saradomin are fighting at the moment, and believed Zaros is a very powerfull, if not the most powerfull, God. Where do Armadyl, Seren and Bandos fit in all this? We are fighting for a real life month in Tier 1 in Lumbridge, so I truly wanna now why the ancient Good vs Bad battle is going. Because, in my opnion, it is Saradomin considered good, and Zamorak considered Bad. Ying and Yang, even in this game.


I consider Saradomin and Zamorak to be the Ying and Yang of evil, meaning they are both evil, just in different and opposite ways.


Good gods do not simply send the person who have just played a huge role in his own return away.


Good gods to not simply destroy worlds.


I see saradomin as much good as I see certain texts in this world as being anything more than actual story books.

I see what you are pointing out. Maybe Saradomin is more "The Light" and Zamorak "The Dark". But, I really want to see how all the other Gods gonna fit in this lore. Let's not forget it's only 1 full day now.

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Has anyone been using their renown on exp lamps to see if they give the same amount of exp as the SoF equivalents?


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Has anyone been using their renown on exp lamps to see if they give the same amount of exp as the SoF equivalents?


I got 4.3k from a small lamp used on thieving at level 86, it that helps. I can't remember how much an SOF lamp gives me at the same level in thieving but I consistently get 7k in other skill.


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Current setup. Pretty much like fixed. I suppose I can deal with this until they (hopefully) make this custom crap optional. :<

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I'm a bit dissapointed at Kara-Meir's character, she seems much more angry than I'd expect her to be, considering her actions in the books. Am I the only one here who's read them? :lol:


Haven't read the books but what on god's earth is the stuff over her ears? When I went to RSwiki to look up a picture of her she looked like a normal human being. Is it supposed to be a hat? If so, when will her hat be available. HEAVY WANT HAT.

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Crow complimented my outfit on livestream. I guess that's the highest honor an OutfitScaper can achieve.




I dunno how to embed it :P hadn't even heard of Twitch before this week.

When old school came out is was a pretty big hit on twitch for the first 2-3 months.

No idea how this is going to fare well.

Usually the chat on the side is spammed with trolls, so I can imagine the crap being said to a jmod.

I think only Dardan gets any views on EOC twitch streams.

No idea why, he is annoying.

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He just successfully trolled you with "courtesy" and managed to get a reaction out of you. Lol

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People are a little biased about the gods from the limited lore we had for more than a decade. Sara was good, Zammy was bad, Guthix was neutral, Zaros was assumed to be bad.


After the last major quests though:

Guthix: The ultimate good. He wanted to create peace and aggressively defended it.

Saradomin: Good to his followers, the bane of all others. Just as evil as Zamorak as he conspired to kill Guthix in order to compete in the "land grab"

Zamorak: We already knew he was evil, no surprise there. Yin to Saradomin's yang.

Armadyl: Just trying to claw his way back up to the top. On the verge of joining the departed gods of Gielenor.

Zaros: Quite frankly, Zaros is still an enigma. We just don't know enough. People assume he's evil because he was associated with folks like Lucien, Zamorak, and Sliske. However, his true followers like Azzanadra and Wahistiel have been nothing but courteous to the player. He himself was very grateful to the player after contact was established. While Zamorak and Saradomin consider their captains to be tools and lord over them, Zaros showed genuine concern for Azzanadra. His Mahjarrat followers actually wanted to MEET with Guthix instead of kill him! Honestly, Zaros is the game changer. He will be the one to keep your eyes on. He might come to rule the world, to destroy it, or to save it from the others. We simply do not know.


In the end, the only "good" god as far as we scapers are concerned is Guthix. All the others will fight over us.


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Reasonable to post this here too


Zarosians would rather have Zamorak beat Saradomin because


1. Saradomin would be more powerful than Zaros if he won

2. Zaros would like to kill Zamorak himself

3. Zamorak wouldn't try to kill Zaros (unless Zaros attacked him, of course), but Saradomin would

4. Saradomin is basically the same thing as Zaros, so there can only really be one of them



Thank God I am not alone! Every person I've talked to in game who supports Zaros have all fundamentally said the same thing "I've picked Saradomin because Zamorak stole his power/killed him".


But if you truly support Zaros then would it not be more in his favour to try and deal a blow to Saradomin? You know, the guy who knows where every single elder artefact is, has a huge support base and has been around since a time before Guthix, he's one of the oldest and most dangerous Gods.


As someone who is a Zarosian, but has ambitions similar to that of Zaros himself, I would prefer that Saradomin isn't killed by someone else but by me, and ONLY me... Cuz I want his Crown...

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