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What to spend 263.5k Loyalty Points on?


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As my title says, I have 263.5k loyalty points. What is/are the best thing(s) to buy? I want useful stuff, not emotes/novelties.


I am thinking of the prayer auras, but I'm not sure how they work really. There are three and they all look the same (tier 4). Could I buy all three and stack them? Or just rotate them?


Thanks in advance.

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Penance is by far the most useful aura IMO. Reverence is decent as a backup, and if you get a third then you can rotate them while bossing for long amounts of times. Maybe vampyrism.




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The tier 4 mining aura saves 4.8 minutes.

Jack of trades saves a little over 4 minutes.

Those are the only two I know.

The hunter and thieving auras are probably pretty good.

Woodcutting and fishing are irrelevant because of C2s. Arctic pines are nice, though, and the aura is probably better there than the mining one is at gold.

Mining is irrelevant because of warbands.

Penance is neat, but not really necessary for pvm. Buy it only if you have spare points.

Equilibrium is the best aura for combat, but I don't know how much time it saves.

I probably missed a few, but hunter, thieving, and equilibrium are the only ones I would deem "worth it". None are very spectacular, though. I would wait until the update in a few months.


Woo, all caught up

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Vampyrism is also good for pvm

best drops (reasonably accurate/up to date): 1x Elysian Sigil (LS), 1x Arcane Sigil (cs), 4x Armadyl Hilt (solo at 100m, 100m, 50m, and 5m), 2x Saradomin Hilt (solo at 25m), 5x Draconic Visage (34m,1.2m,1.2m) and various cs/ls/ffa Nex splits.
Drygore Drops: 7 Longswords, 3 Maces, 3 Rapiers, 3 Off-hand Rapiers,  5 Off-hand Maces, 3 Off-hand Longswords

ROTS Shields: 12  Seismics: 16

Ascension Crossbows: 6  Spider Legs: 10

Countless Armadyl armour pieces, Saradomin amulets, Dragon Hatchets, and Fremenik Rings.
Range~Herblore~Construction~Constitution~Defence~Farming~Magic~Attack~Prayer~Strength~Summoning~Slayer~Mining~Dungeoneering~Firemaking~Agility~Magic Mastery~Summoning Mastery~Cooking~Smithing~Fletching~Thieving~Hunter~Woodcutting~Fishing~Runecrafting


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I use Penance, Vampyrism and Equilibrium on a regular basis. Granted, I don't do a lot of PvM, mostly Slayer, which is where things like Equilibrium really shine.


Looking forward to the revamp... they had long ago promised us bankspace buyable with Loyalty, which never came. I ended up getting the year membership and got mine space through runecoins, but hey...

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