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Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 (OC) or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (GHz ed.)?


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The last part I need for my new PC build is the GPU. I think it's the most important part and that's why I've saved it for last.


I can't decide between the GTX 770 OC or 7970 GHz edition. Both are around the same price range ($350-400). These are the ones I'm looking at right now:


Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 (OC):



AMD Radeon HD 7970 (GHz ed.):




Specs are shown on the details page.


Here is my build thus far:

Intel Core i5-4670K

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming MOBO

8GB DDR3 2133MHz RAM



OCZ Fatal1ty 750W PSU (80+ Bronze)

Full Tower ATX Case

Corsair Hydro Series 100i Liquid Cooler

DVD 24x Burner


I'd also consider saving some money and going with a lower model GTX 760 (OC) for $260, which might be a better option for the type of gaming I'll be doing.


I'm a casual gamer and will play the following games:

Runescape 3

Guild Wars 2

Diablo 3


CoD ghost

Crysis 3

Far Cry 3

Fry Cry Blood Dragon

Quake 4

Medal of Honor series


Thanks in advance for your input and opinions!

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After looking at the video cards you provide, the AMD cards seem to give you more for your buck. But, I dont think you'd see that much of a difference in FPS between 3GB and 2GB. If you're looking to save a few bucks go for the Nvidia. If you dont mind spending the money...go for the AMD.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202001 (This one)




Another thing I would look at doing, If you are wanting to get a larger SSD (which is recommened), you can get the Nvidia and spend the extra money left over on a larger drive. Believe me, space fills up fast with games. lol

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I'm usually going for Nvidia as the drivers are much more stable and won't crash on you, but AMD seems to be getting better at it, at least better than when I used AMD cars.

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@Jadchor, I also suggest using an NVidia GPU. This goes double if you're a classic gamer, as AMD/ATI doesn't seem to give a dang if 1.) old software breaks because they deluged it with information it couldn't use, and/or 2.) they lack a useful compatibility profile and/or rendering mode for a game to run within. It's far easier to set up an NVidia to respect an old game. :geek:


Also, if you want to save some more money, you can probably go with a card at the top of the NVidia 6xx-series. The list of games I'm seeing there doesn't appear to have anything too heavy for your system to have to deal with. :)


~D. V. "My best experiences have been with NVidia." Devnull

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(Warning: This user can be VERY confusing to some people... And talks in 3rd person for the timebeing due to how insane they are... Sometimes even to themself.)

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I almost went with Nvidia... the MSI Geforce GTX 760 OC version but I lucked out on a brand new Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition (windforce cooling with the 3 fans) for $306 CA on ebay. Retail price at Newegg.ca is $430 CA so I saved over $100!





The only downside is I don't get the free copy of games (Far Cry Blood Dragon, Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite), but that's okay because I only want Crysis 3 and I can buy it for $30 right now. I might pick up Fary Cry Blood Dragon when it goes on sale for like $10 someday.

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