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rum deal

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This is a bad post, I didnt pay enough attention or take enough screen shots. But I post what I *did* notice, and hope that someone else can fill in the details I missed.


Growing the blindweed. Rake and dibber - toolbelt work. There is absolutly no need for a watering can, when you have planted the blindweed seed and try to water it, you get the message "this patch doesnt need watering".


When you start quest, game interface list requirement "to be able to defeat a lvl 150 monster". RumDeal1.png


Zombie swabs are lvl 68 and weak to magic, they were agressive.

RumDeal2.png They died extreemly fast to blood barrage :roll: yeah overkill I know.


Zombie pirats are lvl 72 - but they were not agressive to me at all.


Fever spiders are indeed lvl 100 just as guide state.


That leaves the evil spirit, and that is where I messed up. I didnt notice its combat lvl, I didnt take a screenshot, rl got my attention for a few seconds and then it was dead. So can anyone else please check the level of the evil spirit. Is it the level 150 monster that is mentioned in the starting screen?

Please think before you ask a question. If you ask the right question, its much more likely you get the answer you are looking for :)




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I did this quest last week and took screenies. It's kind of impulse for some odd reason...


I do not recall what the level 150 is/was. It could be an accident on Jagex's side. It's happened before, I'm pretty sure.


Did you happen to find out their hitpoints/weaknesses? That would help the current staff to fully update each bestiary entry!


Good work on finding out that info so far. If you need any assistance finding any information, please don't hesitate to inbox me; I have a lot of free time now :)

All_My_Love.png Bun_Dem.png


max.png 50.png

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