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Motivation to play - what drives you? (Split from 200M in all skills)

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Lover Sexio
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Lover Sexio

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Hmm, this seems to be an old thread...but I think I shall answer.


I have no motivation to "play" (meaning doing anything outside of a certain skill) because I see no point of it. Certain ways I had planned on doing things no longer even exist. 


But I still click obstacles.


And I don't like two certain idiots. Just saying.

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It is kind of old, and a bit nostalgic to see so many people who have since become inactive on TIF or RS or both.


I play to see how the story unfolds, and most importantly to this end, for the quests. I have long been interested in the lore. As anyone who's been keeping up with the in-game updates and events of the past two years could guess, the current era of RS is primetime for me.

I am also of course #1FashionScaperExtraordinaire obviously :P

And, I rather enjoy RS's combat system as far as how easy it is to get the kind of encounter I feel like at some certain time.


Plus, RS is $5 a month for me. It's never NOT been worth that, there's always something I can find to do when I'm bored.

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Well here is something I have found interesting talking to others about. Why does everyone play the game and what motivates you?
This is quite interesting amongst higher level players aswell as I have asked 2-3 players over 2b xp.
Detail would be highly appreciated :)
for e.g. I feel like rs is keeping me safe and off the streets (smoked pot all day everyday for nearly a full year before I started playing hard), I also enjoy seeing my gains + efficient days. My goal is to gain as much efficient xp before I lose motivation :)

wow this game keeps you from smoking.



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I've always been a big fan of the progressive, long-term style of gameplay that RuneScape offers (with seemingly no possible end), and the goal setting, hard work, and personal accomplishment that naturally accompanies this type of game. A lot of the values and lessons that have been important within this game over the years also run parallel with life in the real world, which I think was important for me while growing up playing this game as a kid.


I've also been a very social person all my life and so the huge social aspect of the game drew me in right from the beginning. Making friends online, joining clans, competing with others for glory and XP, was all something I bought into really quickly :-D

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To compete. To show the world how much of a grinder I am. Even though, I've moved on to other things, Runescape was the first thing that kept me going at it for more than 12 hours in a row. Never knew I had that in me.

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