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Money making for beginners?


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I just started out and my skills aren't too high right now. What would you guys recommend for me to do so I can make some initial money to start out with and what skills should I level up to make even more money later on? Thanks for the help!

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Run laws or snape grass. For snape grass just start fremmy trials (no reqs needed) and use peer the seer to bank. Drop cash when using peer the seer to bank so you can keep going to waterbirth and repeat. Should get you 500+ grass/hr. both methods are 100k+/hr with no reqs

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Go in to Gnome Stronghold, buy chocolate dust/chocolate bar and crush the chocolate bars into chocolate dust with either a knife or pestel and mortar.


It will cost you around 7-8k to make 1k chocolate dust, and they sell for 250 ea = 250k. Easy money, fast method, no requirements. Not sure you can access Gnome Stronghold without any quests though :S

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This definitely isn't the best moneymaker in terms of GP/Hour (unless you're really lucky), but I liked pickpocketing H.A.M. Members for easy clue scrolls.


God pages are quite common compared to what they are in EoC RS, and Zamorak pages go for around 600k. The other God pages aren't too bad either, with Guthix being ~40k each and Saradomin being ~20k each.

Failing that, the other treasure trail-specific rewards can be worth a nice sum too.

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If you get farming up to 32, you can farm ranarrs and make around 50-100k/farm run, depending on how many patches you can use. It's easy, low effort money, takes about 5-10 minutes to do a full 5 patch farm run.

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