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{07} ZeNith== OSRS Pure clan== ~~45-55~~

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Voltage Pures




We are Voltage Pures,

Our clan started in 2011 in the dawn of the revival of oldschool wilderness, we began with a auto typer and a clan chat recruiting and recruiting the very best in f2p worlds, now that old school is here we will become number 1 again!


We are a small clan eager to grow and become the number one!


Add me ingame and join clan chat :order out: for a growing community of pures.




*45-55 Combat Level

*Good attitude

*Willingness to take pride in ones clan




Application (copy and paste this in your post and fill in blanks)


Combat Level:

Attack Level:

Strength Level:

Defence Level:

Hitpoints Level:

Range Level:

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Did you steal Zenith's name? I don't recognize you from Zenith pre-EoC, and you are calling your clan, "New".

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No i did not steal zeniths name, but now that i mention it i do remember of a main clan being called that. Yeah i wasnt in that clan just thought this would be a good name for a clan, our clan is new in osrs :),sorry for the confusion thinking of a new clan name now! if someone could tell me how to change the thread tittle...

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