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Returning - General Questions

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Hello friends! Some of you may remember me, and some may not. Either way it's not important -- what is important is that I'm back, and I've got some questions.


My account stats are located here:




Some info:

  • I'm really hooked on Slayer and training my combat skills that way. I utilize each skill (ranged, mage, and the melee combats) when I train, so keep that in mind.
  • I have about 1.7M to play with.
  • I have full Adamant (the best armor I can use right now)
  • I AM P2P.
  • I have full Mystic (I assumed this was the best early mage armor)
  • I have green d'hide for when I hit 40 range.
  • The quests I have completed are listed below.



What quests should I do first? I have plenty to do.

What gear do you recommend I get?

What tips do you have for me?


Thanks again everyone. Happy 'Scaping!

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1) Do all teh quest. Most quest are worth doing for the rewards. The first quest you should focus on after Wolf Whistle are all the transportation quest like Fairy Tails, Enlighten Journey, and Grand Tree (iirc) so you can get around. Next, try to complete Royal Trouble and the Myreque quest series so you can get some money making methods going like Barrows and Miscellania. Your stats are kinda low now but when you start to get higher stats, Ancient Magicks and Curses are worth it for slayer and PVM in general. You are much closer to Ancients use than Curses at but I think you'd want to stay on normal magic until 70 magic (where you'll have access to all the burst spells).


2) First work on your quest and general combat levels. Some quest have weapon rewards like Roving Elves for a Crystal Bow/Shield. At current you can wear Splitbark Armor, Green dragonhide, and Adamant armor. At 50 you get Batwing Robes, Blue Dragonhide, and Rune armor. Hopefully that is enough to carry you by some low level slayer. The level you should shoot for is 70 defense for barrows armor and GWD armor. Either one of those two sets will carry you through a lot of slayer. GWD is the better set considering the damage boost but the upfront cost is a bit staggering. Barrows is a lot cheaper but has a constant repair cost. Still you have a bit to go before then.


3) As you quest and skill do as many task as you can for additional rewards, and you should try all RS content at least once (that is still active). You can get a lot a free exp from some minigames and plenty of extra rewards for putting some time. Worth while activities are Sinkholes (Dungeoneering), Big Chincompa (Hunter), Fish Flingers (Fishing), Flash Powder Factory (Agility, Thieving, Herblore), Troll Invasion and Penguins (Free exp), and God Statues (Construction and either Slayer or Prayer). Oh, and herb farm. Herb farm for money.


Happy 'Scaping. :D

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In all honesty Polar has really solid advice in terms of how I personally love playing. Quests are my favorite, and so are the biggest parts of it, i.e. a boss fight, or solving some problem. However, that may not be your favorite thing to do. If you don't enjoy something, remember that and avoid it. In all honesty just quest around, see what you found to be enjoyable and then go out and do it. It's a game so have fun and enjoy.

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Questing is really the way to go now. Most quests won't take that long. And I can't state it enough: do Fairy tale part II as soon as you can. The lodestones are worth your time, unluck them all (the desert one is only available after Desert Treasure though). But having the fairy rings too is gonna be a huge help.

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