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If you could never be a member again, would you still play?


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Imagine for whatever reason that your membership got cancelled. And for that same whatever reason, you could never achieve it back (on your main or any account). Would you still play?


Obviously this is meant for longtime members, but permanent free player input would be very interesting

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I would not. (at least not actively..) I'd play other games. (Skyrim, ME, BlackOps, etc)



.. and I would finally take up origami!




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Happened to me once for a few months about 5 years ago IIRC. Jagex wouldn't take payments from Iceland at all, so I was stuck in F2P for a few months. Hardly played at all.


At this point, no I wouldn't bother playing at all.


Also, moved to Questionnaires.

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Nope, I've "quit" probably 6 times in the 8 years I've been playing. When I come back I always try to do F2P and get bored within a day and end up buying members because most of what I enjoy is combat and F2P combat is absolutely horrible.


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My energy to play RS the F2P way has long left me since I started, I probably won't play



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I was just thinking, because I got membership just for the summer, basically played my living heart out like it was 6th grade again, and now I'm "quitting" (for like the 3rd time) now that my 60 days has run up. Considering I spent those 60 days going from 85-92 slayer, F2P doesn't offer anything much to me anymore

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For what I like to do in game, I would probably resume my semi-retired status. I'd log on for holiday events, once in a while for updates, and probably player for 3 months at a time. But unless F2P got to do all skill to 99 at reduced exp rates or far less methods, I wouldn't go full time scapin' again.


However, if F2P go the slayer skill, I might be inclined to cancel my membership...might


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No, I wouldn't, I only really play to defend my completionst cape and get all the lore :).

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No - F2P has nothing for me anymore on my account - might be able to find something I like to do on a new account, but not on my current one. I didn't have the money for membership and only came back a few days ago because I don't need to actually pay for membership anymore.

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I spent like the first 3 years of playing without membership so i could probably do without it ofcourse i would probably miss alot of stuff and might not be as active.

I could write something clever or witty down here but i'm too lazy to do that.


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after 5+ years of membership on my current main account I'd honestly answer with I'd quit if I had to go back to ftp.

I get too bored on ftp worlds even for 1-2 hours would probably only log on for new updates/ftp quests and holiday events.

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