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Help!!! I'm completely lost here..somehow I've turned on the god only knows what and can't get back to normal access for daily challenges...I [bleep]ing hate this new interface...all I want to do is change/pin a new daily challenge and now I'm stuck in some stupid Taverly beginners task and unable to cancel it or change it...really this interface is appalling!!!!

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ok from what i can tell you are in tutorial mode, and you will need to turn it off. now i am not positive how to do this, but i can direct you tot he location where the challenges are located. if you click the icon that looks like a compass that will take you to the achievements window. the first tab is the featured tab, it shows your current daily challenge

you can go tot he third tab to see what challenges you need/can do. you should also be able to exit out of the window where the task is showing up. little red x in the top right hand corner of it.


I hope this helps




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tutuorial mode is under gamepaly options, be sure to make sure the box is clear.



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