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Which of these 2 custom PCs is better?


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It's my first PC build and it's for gaming.


The first one is one I made after lots of researching a bunch of stuff:



And this one is one that my local computer store is recommending compared to the one above (he doesn't think I need a heatsink other than the built in one):

Intel i5-4670k Haswell processor with Intel heatsink

Intel DH87RL Haswell motherboard

EVGA GTX 660 Ti Graphic Card with 2 Gb DDR5 memory

Gigabyte onboard network card and Integrated sound card

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system

Western Digital 1 TB Black hard drive (deduct $25 if you go with blue drive)

Crucial 128 Gb M4 CT128M4SSD3 solid state hard drive

8 Gb Kingston DDR3 memory

Thermaltake case (red front as you viewed in the store) plus Antec 650-watt power supply

Two year hardware warranty

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Nice set-ups, very nice.


I'd be amazed if an in-store set-up was cheaper/better value than one you've research and built yourself based on internet prices. However, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between them - best advice is to compare the more important features, simply google "x vs y", and benchmark test results.

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