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Darkfall: Unholy Wars (Full Loot FFA PVP MMORPG)


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I've been playing the Darkfall title for about a year now and I'm having a blast. It's created and run by a small indie company called Aventurine and it's years ahead of its time compared to the PVP/Combat in every other MMO out there.



-The game is full-loot open world FFA PvP so if you're fan of the adrenaline you get when pking back in the Runescape Wilderness, I seriously recommend trying this game out.


-Its combat is FPS-based so you have to aim all of your shots in order to hit an enemy which i've never seen in an MMO before. You can't just click or tab-target to lock onto somebody which adds an extra element of player-skill to the game.


-The map is territory/conquest controlled so alliances/clans can control physical cities on the map (not instanced like the ones in Runescape). Clans & Alliances are always sieging each other to try and take over cities and the politics involved are always fun to watch/be a part of. Here's a link to a picture of the Political map, it shows cities and what clan they're currently owned by: http://darkfallinfo.com/pmap2/map/index.php?mapserver=us1


-Player owned houses are also on the actual map! The player villages aren't instanced so if you want to buy a house you can choose which village on the map you want to live in and it'll say your name on it and everything.


-The game has naval combat which is really fun. You can sail boats, fire cannons, board enemy ships and everything it's intense.



Mage Perspective PVP Video


Archer/Melee Perspective PVP Video



Video of naval combat:





If anybody here either already plays Darkfall or is interested in playing it hit me up!


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