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Looking to buy a tablet £300 max.


Currently I'd pick Nexus 7 > Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


I've ruled out Apple because of the developer limitations.


One of my main media requirements is streaming over http, VLC for Android should be fine for this but when I tested it out in the shop on a Nexus 7 it'd only play sound (mkv) and I didn't have enough time to try other files.


Thoughts on 7" / 10", screen size for media compared to portability/ergonomics. The iPad mini is the perfect [email protected]". Having played with the Nexus 7 it felt just a little bit too small @ 7". Galaxy Tab 3 is 8", but the Nexus 7 is much faster(is speed even an issue?).

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I've had no trouble playing mkv files with vlc on my nexus 7. Maybe the connection wasn't fast enough?


Connection was definitely fast enough, I probably didn't know how to work it properly.


What do you think of the Nexus 7, what do you use it for?

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The nexus 7 really fits my needs, and I think today's nexus 7 is better than the one I have (which came out in July 2012). I use it for lots of stuff, but mostly just reading. Used some games on it as well and some apps that are quite useful for everyday stuff. Also being a networking person I've used some apps to test wireless networks and some other stuff.

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