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TMHT Nex! Saturday, October 19th - 2PM EST, 7PM BST

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"Even the gods fear it."

Time and Date

Date: SATURDAY 19th October
Time: 7pm UK.
Other Time Zones:
  • BST (British Summer Time): 7 pm
  • CEST (Central European Summer Time): 8 pm
  • AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time): 6 am
  • PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 11 am
  • MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 12 pm
  • CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 1 pm
  • EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 2 pm
Server and Location

The world will be determined at the start of the event. We will meet inside the bank area before Nex's chamber.

The Boss

Nex is one of the most difficult bosses in the game and should not be underestimated. She can hit extremely high and has several special abilities.


"TMHT_Ambler3" Friends chat.

Inventory & Equipment





Gear can be downgraded, but Barrows/Bandos is the lowest advised.
Note: Beast of Burdens should be pre-summoned. They should contain your highest healing food. If you can use a Unicorn, that should be placed in the last slot of your familiar. Be advised that aggressive familiars like the War Tortoise may make Nex target you.
Magic gear should be worn in the helm, glove, and boot slot to maximize defense.
If you have them, the Penance Aura and Vampyrism/Cruelty/Elements Scrimshaws are very helpful.
Magic users do not need to bring a gear swap as Nex never prays Deflect Magic. However, the minions are immune to magic attacks.
It is advisable to bring a shield as abilities can be very powerful in terms of healing.
It is not advised to purely range Nex as she often uses Deflect Missiles.

Quick Prayers should be set to Protect/Deflect Magic and your highest boosting combat prayer for your style.

Minimum Requirements

70+ Strength, Agility, Ranged, and Consitution - to access the god encampments and get the Frozen Key
Troll Stronghold
Eadger's Ruse/Love Story (recommended for easier transportation, especially with the high chance of death)

Recommended stats

AT LEAST 80+ in all combat styles, access to a chaotic weapon, and a range switch for the Zaros phase (If not praying range)

Closing Comments:

Ambler3 will be tanking Nex using the Incite ability, so it is recommended that you mix offensive and defensive gear. If you don't know what you're doing it is HIGHLY recommended that you read an up to date guide.
As with all bosses, there is a risk of death here, though this risk is MUCH higher on both the ice and Zaros phases, due to her AoE attacks, which can deal over 3000 damage to large groups of people who don't run away in time! The "Contain This!" attack on the ice phase is the most deadly, as up to 4 icicles will follow random players, anyone standing on the squares near to them will be hit for up to 3000 damage.
The second attack you should be wary of is her STANDARD melee attack on the Zaros phase, much like barrage spells, this will hit all players in a 3x3 radius around the person being attacked, so it's best to stand opposite the tank, or if maging/ranging, as far away as possible, and let the tank take all the damage.

A small guide if it's your first time going to Nex
If you've got your frozen key, and are not sure how to get to the Nex bank safely, please refer to this video, a quick run through of what to bring and how to safely get to the bank:


This guide is useful for seeing the different abilities Nex uses. If this is your first time going, it would be a good idea to watch it. (Mild language)
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Barrows drops: Dharok's helm x2, Guthan's helm, Ahrim's top, Hood and skirt, Torag's hammers, Karils skirt, Karil's top, Torag's helm, Verac's skirt, Verac's Flail, Dharok's Platebody.

Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

4k+ Glacors, 7 Ragefires, 4 Steadfasts, 4 Glaivens, 400+ shards![/hide]

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what happened to vorago =[

We made the decision to move it to a week that's a little easier for masses.

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