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Zamorak Slaughter - Sunday 27th October - 7pm BST/6pm GMT/ 2pm EST

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- Spooky Zamorak Slaughter -

Time and Date
Date: Sunday 27th October 2013
Time: 7pm BST
Other Time Zones:
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 6pm
CET (Central European Time): 8pm
ACT (Australia Central Time): 4am
PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 11am
MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 12pm
CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 1pm
EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 2pm
Server and Location
- We will gather in the holding area of the Zamorak Encampment, please arrive a little earlier to get KC (Kill Count) before the event begins, 5-10 minutes should be more than enough time. 
The aim of the event will be to dress up in random haloween type gear, Dark Mystic robes or Dragonhai Robes for example.
If everyone could atleast bring a wizards hat that would be nice! :D
The Boss
- We will be taking on K'ril Tsutsaroth, it is a huge demonic monstrosity currently stationed in the God Wars Dungeon.
His minions Tstanon Karlak (greater demon, melee), Zakl'n Gritch (greater demon, ranged), Balfrug Kreeyath (Black demon, mage) Will be attacking you while in the fight however there damage is minimal & they can be taken out rather swiftly after Kril is downed.
Once one of the stronger monsters in RuneScape, Kril has fallen rather far down the ranking order, but hes still not to be underestimated with some damaging attacks you must keep an eye on your LP as they quickly stack up! 
Please Note: Gravestones will appear outside of the boss room & will be inaccessible to you until you get the 40 KC again, someone will be there to bless your grave in case you do die. Please remember to gear up appropriately to get your gear back, you don't want to die  another time getting your valuable items back. :P
Friend Chat: Dwaynee
~~ This event will be CS (CoinShare) ~~
Inventory & Equipment
- Kril is most effectively taken down with the use of fire spells, so the use of Magic with the top tier fire spell available to you is recommended however do feel free to use the style of attack you most prefer.
The aim of this event is to wear 'fun' clothing however feel free to equip whatever you feel comfortable in. 
- Magic Setup -
Gear + Inventory:
* Please note the setup shown are just examples, its recommended to have gear that's atleast level 50+
** Staffs can be also, just remember to change the abilities which correspond to your levels/ setup. 
It's recommended you bring the best BoB you can get to carry extra supplies, don't forget an extra pouch or 2 also!
Recommended stats are;
70+ in Attack, Strength, Defence & Constitution if you choose to opt with melee.
70+ In Range and/ or Magic is advised if using of the two attack styles. 
Overloads help, SoulSplit too, but they aren't a must.


Trimmed Completionist 8th October 2014 | Check out my blog Here.


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I know, it's because Uk time went back an hour last night I think.

EDIT: Postponed due to low turnout - Will maybe get this announced again this week, =/.

Edited by RSDwaynee


Trimmed Completionist 8th October 2014 | Check out my blog Here.


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Nex had a low turnout as well. Are people just not coming to the events now?

Nex usually has lower turnouts than other events because the requirements are a lot higher. The biggest issue is that there hasn't been a front page announcement for a TMHT event since our DKS event all the way back on October 5th. This is something that we are working to resolve.

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Didn't know about this stuff. I could be keen for a wee monster hunt if the times are NZ friendly...


But it was 8am on a Monday morning. Which was Labour Day for us :|

Barrows Items: 1x Dharok's Platelegs, 1x Veracs's Plateskirt, 1x Dharok's Greataxe, 2x Torag's Platelegs, 1x Akrisae's War Mace, 1x Ahrim's Robeskirt, 3x Akrisae's Robetop, 1x Guthan's Warspear, 1x Akrisae's Robeskirt, 1x Torag's Helm, 2x Verac's Brassard, 1x Karil's Pistol Crossbow


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