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Skill Levelling


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I've decided to train my skills up enough to do all the quests, but theres a few skills I'm not sure on how I should train:


Thieving from 57-74

Crafting 62-76

Hunter 57-67

Mining 56-80

Smithing 59-82


I'd like to do fairly fast methods, but I've not got loads of cash to spend on crafting and smithing, so I'd be okay with doing slightly slower methods if it saves me a decent amount of cash.

I've got no idea on how best to train these, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks  :D


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I'd suggest you do wilderness bands, they are really helpful to get free smithing, also speeds up mining..

Thieving.. well good luck on that - pyramid plunder I guess.

Crafting - do stealing creation

for hunter, i'd say lizards :)


I'll have a look into them, especially the wilderness bands, thanks :)


Mining/Smithing can be boosted from 78/80 respectively for BotD with the help of a Dwarven stout (m) and possibly from 75/77 if you're *very* lucky with spicy stews.


Ahhh thats good then, saves me from getting a few extra levels! Thanks :p


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Hunter : big chinchompa dnd, highest level lizard you can hunt.

Mining : warbands

Smithing : warbands, or artisans workshop if you ever realistically plan on comping/trimming.

Crafting : is going to be expensive, battlestaffs are probably the most economical but will take a while to buy them (600/day from G.E. + 28-100 from naff/moonclan depending on varrock tasks). Cutting gemstones and dragonhide shields are really the only other options.

Thieving : Blackjacking or PP.


Armadyl Drops : 4 Hilts; 3 Chestplates; 2 Chainskirts; 1 Helmet; 1 Buckler; 2 Shard 1; 2 Shard 2; 1 Shard 3

Nex : 1 Zaryte Bow

Kalphite King : 1 Drygore Rapier ; 1 Drygore Longsword : 1 Drygore Offhand Rapier : 1 Drygore Offhand Longsword

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