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Slayer with Magic


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So I wanna start doing combat again (sick of skilling) and my last combat to get to 99 is magic, So I thought I'd train it with slayer. I havn't done combat with mage that much since EOC.

Whats a good overall setup for slayer? I have about ~40m to spend and I can get choatic if I need too.


Thank you




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If you plan on powering through some assignments that attack with melee/range you might want to invest in gano/sup seasinger.


If you are savvy with the whole triangle then getting subjugation is what you should do.


Running with chaotic staff is good and cheap. General gear other than that is arcane stream necklace, mage arena cape, seers ring/6th age circuit and using vecna as a free magic boost is a good idea.

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Go cheap on the gear and spend bucks on a ahrim's wand and book.

Dual wielding magic is much more fluid than 2 handed (no cooldown gaps).

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Don't forget to use hati gloves, you'll get a bonus of about 600k in magic... Will help to get it to lvl 99 a little bit quicker.





I like to think of the Dark Bow like a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) - you get one shot and then you're screwed.
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