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Is playing 07 worth it?


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I played Runescape for the first time in 2004 or 2005. I loved the old Runescape, I loved the challenge this game gave me and I made a lot of good friends. I would love to play the old Runescape, but is it really worth it? Is it worth levelling all over again, and do many people still play it? 14k people are online on osrs at this point, but how many of them are actually legit players? My friend told me there are many bots on osrs. I would love to play osrs and do all the nostalgic quests all over again, and do some old school pking. But is it worth playing it, or will osrs die soon? I haven't played Runescape since September/October last year.

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I'd say its worth it, worst case you try it for a month and realize you don't like it. I've seen far less bots now compared to around the time it first came out. Overall though I'd say if you're completely against leveling up again it isn't for you, however if you're fine with starting over you should enjoy it. I have no idea about the pking part; I believe they are going to have a poll on rejuvenating the wilderness soon.


I personally have two accounts on old school that I play semi regularly and enjoy it, the only other issue can be finding people for certain mini games.

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I just logged in last night at a friends insistence. In all honesty, I have fond memories of my time during oldschool RS and the warm fuzzy feeling I got completing tutorial island and knowing that I can now perhaps return to the clan world in the future - the way it used to be makes me happy.   I'll be giving it a go for a few weeks, I find RS3 too simplified and I lose interest. 


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