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How long would it take to get 81 slayer?

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I'm currently 64 slayer. I keep on seeing all of these delicious adventurer's logs from monsters such as rorarii and scutarii and I'd like to dive into killing them too but the thing is... I REALLY hate slaying.

I realize that I'll have to bite the bullet in order to enjoy those great drops too though. Anyways, how long can I expect to be training slayer in order to get to 81?

Also, I have another question but I don't want to open a separate topic for it so I'll just ask it here: to access automaton guardians (I know I need 67 slayer for that but that seems a lot easier than 81 anyways), do I only need to finish the 'The World Wakes' quest, or do I also need to do RotM, chosen commander, branches of darkmeyer, firemaker's cure and void stares back?


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For the automatons I would assume you only need to do the quest TWW to gain access to them. I believe the rest of the quests is just for extra lore and xp and such.


As for slayer I honestly haven't a clue but i would say probably a week or two of just playing at an average rate but doing tasks constantly.

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