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Divination Minigame Suggestion

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The death of Bandos released fragments of his divine energy which have begun to coalesce in unstable wisps near the base of Ice Mountain. Intrigued, the Zamorakian Magical Institute has sent an enterprising team of diviners to learn about this energy and to see if it can be used to forward their goals.




Small wisps of unstable divine energy can be found northwest of Ice Mountain. The Zamorakian diviners have set up a small base of operations just outside the Black Knights' Fortress. Marked on the map are the wisp colony (red), the containment zones (green), and the camp (blue).






At least level 40 Divination is required to participate in the activity, though level 89 Divination is required to obtain all of its benefits.


Bringing armour, weapons, some food and potions will improve your effectiveness. A bank at the campsite can be accessed for 15 amounts of divine energy.


Getting Started


The Head Diviner in the camp will explain to you how you can help with their research, of course in exchange for experience and new reward items. Several actions need to be performed:


- Moving the unstable wisps to containment zones in the camp.

- Stabilising the wisps in the containment zones.

- Harvesting the stabilised springs for energy and memories.

- Shattering collected memories in the search for divine knowledge.






To begin, you need to move the unstable wisps towards the containment zones, which are four 5x5 areas demarcated around the campsite. To do so, you need to focus on the unstable wisp, which will slowly draw it towards you. The mechanisms for this are similar to the Great Orb Project. Note that once you interact with an unstable wisp, you must bring in to the containment zone within one minute (extremely achievable), or else it will dissipate and damage you for 10% of your maximum LP.




Once the wisp is within the containment zone, you will have the option of stabilising it. Doing so will award you with some Divination XP, and convert the unstable wisp into one of the following wisp variants:


- Violent wisp (level 40)

- Malicious wisp (level 50)

- Hateful wisp (level 60)

- Spiteful wisp (level 70)

- Vengeful wisp (level 80)


Harvesting Wisps


Once the wisp has been stabilised, you will have the option of harvesting it. As Bandos was a violent and most vicious god, his divine energy is much more volatile and can produce several negative effects when harvested.


- Violent wisps damage the diviner for 1% of his maximum LP for every harvesting action.

- Malicious wisps may briefly show a red flare, and harvesting while this flare is active will damage diviners for 3% of their maximum LP for every harvesting action.

- Hateful wisps have a 10% chance of destabilising after every harvesting action, which will require you to feed it 12 hateful energy to restabilise it.

- Spiteful wisps reduce your prayer points by 1% of their maximum level for every harvesting action. You cannot harvest spiteful wisps without enough prayer points.

- Vengeful wisps have a 5% chance of reabsorbing all vengeful memories you have collected after every harvesting action.


Additionally, on rare occasions, harvesting a wisp will cause a Mind Remnant to appear. Mind Remnants are hybrid-type monsters of the same tier as the wisp they originated from. Killing a Mind Remnant will award you with 10 of that wisp's energy, in addition to allowing you to harvest from it again.


Players can harvest any stabilised wisp, whether they were responsible for bringing it to the containment zone or not. Likewise, they may attack any Mind Remnants that appear, receiving divine energy upon its death. However, bringing a wisp to the containment zone increases your chance of obtaining memories from it.


Every harvesting action on a wisp grants you a small amount of divine energy based on your Divination level, as well as a chance of obtaining a divine memory. Stabilised wisps last for 45 to 60 seconds, before dissipating harmlessly.


Shattering Memories


Once you have collected an inventory of memories, you can take them to the Divine Researcher in the camp. He will offer to instantly shatter all the memories in your inventory, though he will first warn you that they may have several damaging effects. You can toggle this warning on and off by talking to him.


When you shatter memories, you have a choice of turning it into energy, XP, or enhanced XP by contributing more energy to it.


- Each violent memory shattered will damage you for 1% of your maximum LP.

- Each malicious memory shattered has a 30% chance of giving 10% less energy or XP.

- Each hateful memory shattered reduces your chance of harvesting memories by 10% for the next 1.2 seconds. The duration will stack, but the harvesting reduction will not.

- Each spiteful memory shattered will reduce your prayer points by 1% of their maximum amount. If a memory is shattered when you have not enough prayer points, you will not gain anything from it.

- Each vengeful memory shattered has a 2% chance of creating a Vengeful Mind Remnant. This is increased to 2.5% when using the enhanced XP option.




The ZMI is not unappreciative, and keeps track of how much you have helped their research. For crossing several milestones, they will offer you pieces of their very unique Divination gear.


500 violent memories shattered - ZMI boots (boots slot)

1500 malicious memories shattered - ZMI focus (neck slot)

4000 hateful memories shattered - ZMI hood (head slot)

8000 spiteful memories shattered - ZMI robe skirt (legs slot)

15000 vengeful memories shattered - ZMI robe top (body slot)


Each piece of gear, when worn, gives you a 1.4% boost to Divination XP gain. The full set grants a 7.5% boost to Divination XP gain, and can be retrieved in future for an equal amount of the respective divine energy. However, the chaotic energy that provides this depth of clarity will result in 1 point of damage being dealt every time you gain Divination XP for each piece of gear equipped. Such is the price to pay for being a servant of chaos.


Additionally, whilst harvesting stabilised wisps, you have a 1/32 chance of obtaining a chronicle fragment of the same type as the wisp you harvested it from. This fragment is non-stackable, and goes directly into your inventory. Bringing it to the Divine Researcher will grant you an amount of Divination XP, and once you have turned in enough of these fragments, the Divine Researcher will be able to reconstruct some of the memories of Bandos for you to observe. Once you have discovered this memory of Bandos you will no longer be able to collect chronicles of the same nature.


Using the divine energy of Bandos can produce some warlike signs and portents, which may be of use to the combat-inclined.


Finally, for those who have completely mastered the art of Divination, as well as fully completed The World Wakes and Missing, Presumed Death, there is a single wisp in the underground of the Black Knight Fortress Catacombs. Harvesting a memory from this wisp will reveal more lore of Bandos' past.








Divine Sparks are non-stackable inventory items crafted from divine energy. They can be triggered to unleash their effect. There is no limit to the number of sparks you can produce per day.


All portents and sparks are untradeable. Energy and signs are tradeable.

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In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Only thing I dislike:

The boons are not permanent effects, thus breaking the framework of what a boon is.


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Well, I didn't want to make them permanent effects :P I'd like to have a temporary buff, but none of the divination perks fit that at the moment.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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A very complete, reasonable and useful suggestion. I support, but I concur with Sy's point about boons. I'd change your boons to be like other boons (xp boosts) and give your temporary effects a place in either a spell/ability book (with a 3-tick casting time and an energy requirement, instead of runes) or as teletab-like items that you consume to gain the effect, probably non-stackable (either that or with a cooldown, I would think).

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Renamed the buffs Divine Sparks. Had to think about that for a bit :P


Not sure if boons should be an option within this minigame. Instantly clearing an inventory of memories makes quite a difference compared to the usual divination training method.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Sounds interesting!


One small tweak to consider is making the damage/prayer drain a set value instead of being percentage based. Having a percent-based damage system would encourage people to wear no armor, so their LP is reduced and therefore they need to worry less about healing with food. A set damage system would encourage people to bring armor (even if they aren't going to be fighting the hostile remnants) and make the entire Bandos-divining method more rewarding to combat savvy players with more LP.


Same with the prayer drain, having it set would make higher prayer levels more useful, rather than having everyone deplete their prayer at the same speed.


A few ideas for rewards:


Sign of Pillaging

Made using a gold bar or something

Level ~45

Automatically gathers coin drops from defeated foes


Sign of Pilfering

Made using an air staff

Level ~60

Requires magic level for telekinetic grab, and must be charged with law runes

Automatically casts telegrab when trying to pick up distant items (works with any spellbook active)


Sign of Rage

Made using tarromin and kwuarm

Level ~75

Adds these effects to the Berserk ultimate: causes double damage to be taken (instead of 50% more), become stun immune for the duration, gain adrenaline based on damage taken (take 1% of your max LP, gain 1% adrenaline for example), but cooldown is increased to 120 seconds


Sign of Glory

Made using amulet of glory

Level ~85

Gain 10% adrenaline upon defeating a foe


Portent version of pilfering/pillaging at high levels.


Every now and then you'd get a strange message from the chronicle fragments...


"Man, I can't stand that goody-goody two-shoes Armadyl! I just wanna punch him in the face - when is this stupid thing going to charge up?! I haven't checked on our progress in a while - wait what is that blue thing in the sky? Is that - no don't tell me... Oh for the love of - AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!"







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