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"That one no life"

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I've been stalking Tip.It for quite a while now and finally decided to join the community.


So uh...

A quick about me:

I'm a completionist by nature and am just a few weeks shy of my Comp Cape (thanks to Ports mostly...) I came back to RS after a large hiatus (Mar-2012 to Jan 2014)


I play as efficiently as "i can stand to play". Which normally means I'll put in huge amounts of effort so long as I don't bore myself ot death doing it . My favorite hobby back in the day was Fletching while reverse Firemaking and alching the bolts.


I think that about wraps this up. :P You'll see me around other parts of the forum soon enough.



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Welcome to tip it! Enjoy your stay. Feel free to join us in the unofficial tip it FC (Serpent Eye) and don't be shy to check out all the forum places, including off-topic and forum games.


"Goals dont have a deadline." -xxxgod quoting Lady Shahdie

[slayer "Essentials"][click pic for main blog][click quote for mini blog][Worthwhile Auras]

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