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Dungeoneering Questions!


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I have some questions about Dungeoneering skill,


1- best melee, range and mage roles (i like fast kills)

2- and about melee, 2 handed or duel weapons?

3- can i use 2 ring roles? i have completed elite dung tasks.

4- where to get Sagittare Arrows? and best dung bow to bind?

5- worth to do hard modes?? what's the benefit? any rewards for completing all?




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1) Melee is really a toss up between zerker and tactician now depending on if you decide to go 2h or dw. Not much difference in DPS according to some dg metagamers and the rings are essentially the same (increased accuracy) difference jsut being zerker = 2h tactician = 1h


Ranged the best choice is general considered Desperado for the damage boost though was task cleared for dual ring having sniper as well makes for best possible in dungeon dps (coupled with quick-switch to melee ring for high lvl meleers tht are hard to range)


Mage you'd want blitzer again for accuracy.


Only other ring of note is Gatherer which can be handy for secondary ring after tasks to increase survivability if you don't wish to do the desperado/sniper combo.

In terms of actual usage mage is the worst in dg as spells are not allowed to scale beyond t90 equipment based on overworld limitations where as ranged and melee are free to properly scale right up to t99.


2) Kinda covered that above it doesn't make a huge difference starting from a clean slate at this point, but many would probably go 2h simply as it is easier to get 1 bind item than 2. In theory DW would give a bit more dps but as ranged > melee in dungeons and within ranging sagi short is pretty much equal if not better than primal knives its more of a secondary concern.


3) Yes you can when in customise you can right-click to pick you secondary always on ring and your quick switch ring.

The prefered setups are:

Desperado Primary

Sniper Secondary

Zerker/Tactician quick switch

For pure DPS power


Desperado primary

Gatherer secondary

Zerker/tactician quick switch

For a more balanced 'survivial aid' kinda setup.


4) Sagi Short is the best bow. Sagi arrows are dropped alongside the t11 bows both long and short so Skele Trio and Saggitaire


5) For xp no they are god awful. They are however quite useful for chasing down slayer drops and the higher boss drops (they drop t11 like 50% of the time, t10 like 48% of the time and the lower ones like 2% of the time). Completing all 60 hardmodes awards 'of daemonheim' title, which is one of the most exclusive in-game titles and looks quite nice and obtaining it is a requirement of comp cape trimmed.

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