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Matt's/Winks Ultimate Ironman

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I did some afk wc/fletching while watching netflix yesterday.




More real life than anything else:

So I work part time as a grocery stocker till I go back to school in the summer. We have a pretty strict quota and truck nights tend to be long and hard on the body. Last Thursday night 1 person just up and decided to quit and 1 call out forcing 3 of use to dot he work of 5. This leads to tonight and same person no show, and another called out again. We some how managed to finish early if you factor in how much needed to get done. /rant


So I did some afk fletching/ wc (about 800+ maples) yesterday due to insomnia for work. Don't expect much gains on my end in the next three days. I just got home from a 12 hour shift just to go back into work in 9 hours. Factoring in laundry time, shower, 30 min drive at least I get to get some sleep before work. It's not that I hate my job I hate the lazy half that do below minimal work. We have gone through 15 new hires in the past 3 months. FIFTEEN HOW??? Only 2 have made it a month now. 



On my drive home today I wondered if it was reasonable to want to get 99's on a DIY account. Because If you do any skillng skills you would want to bank them.

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This is all I could manage between work yesterday/tonight. IT should be a short shift and I can play for a few hours tomorrow.

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Nice progress man :D





I can now mind bomb to highalch! High alched a Rune Battle axe. Maged my first task instead of range cause it was better idea. Turned in another 2 cats up to 9?

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Apparently I was not singed into tip.it when I made this post last night and I was running late as is so I had to just up and go. Some big milestones where hit this week! Take 2






I need one more magic level for the feud questline. I can now sit there and bank stand in the mage bank and rebuy nats. I bought a rune plate+rune legs, to lazy to go get a screen shot.



I was afking slayer thinking I was slaying on my main and died. I safed my rune scim, platebody, and legs so no big loss other than a kitten that was near a cat. 


Next big goals are to get to mith bolts from smithing, Rune crossbow/MSB from fletching, and 43 prayer. I was going to go hard into slayer but I think I will get a decent range level before slaying again. 34 range and iron knives just isn't cutting it at the rate I want to slay. I will plan to do MM to hit 60 attack with the quest reward as well. I need to remind my self to screen cap more things than just these small updates every few days.

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Semi big update. I did some more agiltty got near max weight reduction gear that I can. I'm missing only the cape at this point so...






Haven't done a huge update in a while so enjoy :D! I will get 69 hunter for the spottier cape and 70 agil for blue dragons shortcut.

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Nice progress :)


Thx  man!



I slept 12 hours before work and have Friday night off so I should at least hit my hunter goal of 69. I pray seers course if fun to do.

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Will go back to 70 agil/43 prayer now. Max weight reduction for my DIY account done. Oh I hate hunter again; however, I will work towards 74 and 83 at some point for imps... This is by far most hunter I have ever trained in rs just shy of 700k total exp in it.


Edit: range was just done to break from hunter and green dragon hide

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Good job! This almost wants to make me play old RS again. I miss that kinda stuff. Keep up the great work




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Got some levels last night, I had a long long long long weekend of working thats why no updates for a few days. I'm using orion to auto take screenshots for me because I'm lazy and there hard to get during combat. I'm going to slay with range for a bit because I'm enjoying that the most.

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What did I do today? Started RFD! made it up to black gloves. Goals for after a long break is to do shadow of the storm and work on mith gloves. I will put the 10k into prayer which should let me do MM or just shy of 43 prayer.















I hit 38 prayer and 40 slayer but missed some screenshots opps. Up to 111 qp so there is that.

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Oo A quester. Not exactly my cup tea, but you've still made good progress. I've recently gone to 07, but I haven't decided if I'm gonna stay completely diy yet...but if I do, I'm definitely not gonna quest lol.

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Questing helps with the begging combat levels so I would suggest the usual: Waterfall, Fight Arena, Grand tree, Tree gnome, etc.


My internet is also so here is a mini update.





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Story time!


I started this blog with a long wordy post every time explaining what I was doing and my train of thought. That has slowed down for many reasons, whenever you start an account the first 700 levels and quests just go by fast. As I go for goals like 70 agility I'm just watching netflix for 4 hour periods. The story has merely just transferred into my goals I try to put every other post. And of course with any goal I set, I just do something else! This leads me into what I have been doing in the past week.


I started off with combat (as the last post shows) in prep for a dragon scim. I got my range up to camp dragons, and by camping dragons I wanted 70 agility. I just love how the circle of skills goes sometimes. With range going up I wanted to be able to craft my own d'hide. So my ultimate goal is high crafting. I will be doing battlestaves for money. To do battlestaves, I need cosmics which makes me have to rc. For doing the water orbs I want at least 70 agility for the dungeon. The crafting will also give me glories (I'm sitting on 2 dragon stones from crystal keys).


So onto the pictures and for everyones sake I will be using spoiler tags on this round of pics.

















































To sum up everything 51 mining, 54 crafting, 1k+ total, 28 RC (I needed some cosmics for my gems), and 64 agility, and 54 fishing. Currently afking some lobster as I almost out off all that salmon and trout I fly fished up to 53.

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My "loot" from 70 agility, that's 65-70 in one day. Off to dragons raised 3 more cats today, dced and one ran away. I have ~1k deaths off to blue draogns!!!!

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I had to kill 2 hours yesterday before the family dinner so !


Edit: Back story I took 1150~ deaths and left with around 100 so used ~1k deaths for 57 dragon bones.



I think I will just slay today and kill a few hours, work again but 3 hours earlier than usual. Pizza is in the oven so back to slayer I guess? Not sure if I will pray flick seriously on this account as I play rs to have it open on the side. Another side note, I picked up Ultima 7 for 2 bucks from gog, might try to play that soon.


MM will be done my next day off for sure, I only got 43 pray for the giant monkey part to use the lava under the pray altar.


Nice progress so far m8!  ~ Wicked DIY


Also thx man!

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So.. I was affected by the tornadoes on friday night. My entire neighborhood is out of power and i would say 1/25th of them have had trees fall onto their houses. A few trailers are over turned and one house is flattened. Mine is fine and I spent all day Saturday clearing debris with for my block. Just to go to work and have someone call out and spent 11 hours on a 7 hours shift. We probably cleared over 100 trees as a community. Nothing major but the power grid I'm on has had dozens of power poles, more snapped like twigs. 


No updates till I get power again because I'm tethering off my phone and generator to my house. Guess I lucked out having no trees in the yard.

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