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Tip.It Joins Twitch!

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Click here to visit our channel!

Tip.It Official Twitch Channel

Hello, fellow TIFers!

Lately, we at Tip.It have been doing our best to open up to our users. We've begun making our guides more user friendly and interactive. We've added the Community Created Tools board. We're pleased to announce that we've also joined Twitch with an official Tip.It channel!

Players enjoy watching people stream while they play. It kills some of the boredom that can unfortunately come with RuneScape. They also like to watch new content as it's released, people get lucky bossing, or just hanging out to chat.

As you can see on our news feed, and I did some late night bossing last night. Players could watch along right from our homepage without even going to Twitch. A few came and joined us and received some decent loot! It was a lot of fun, we met and spoke to a lot of our users and answered a lot of questions. I short, it was a huge success. We look forward to doing more in the future!

That being said, Tip.It is now owner of the Twitch channel Tip_It! If you have a Twitch account, please take a minute to visit our profile and follow us - that way you'll be notified when ever we go live! Not only will you meet, see, and hear members of the Tip.It staff, you'll also be seeing some guest streams from people you may have heard about!

Our Chat Rules

We're not here to babysit you. We know as well as you that that'll only end up pushing our audience away. We expect our users to be mature and use common sense when it comes to our chat. If something is not permitted on our forums, odds are it's not allowed on our stream. So please, take a second to read through our Tip.It Forum Rules.

We can't ask that you not curse. Odds are, the person(s) streaming will slip up from time to time. However, please use moderation. Excess cursing only makes you look childish and pointless vulgarity will not be tolerated.

Guest Streaming

If you'd like to guest stream on our channel, be it to boss hunt, skill, or even quest, then check out this forum topic.

We look forward to meeting, seeing, and hearing from you all! Hopefully this channel will help us as staff learn what our members want to see on our website so that we can make things better, more enjoyable, and easier for you! After-all, we want to publish content and tools that you want to see!
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Did a brief test run tonight. Got trolled with a ward as a drop (http://www.twitch.tv/tip_it/b/512071581 at the 1:14:00 kill, haha), thought it could've been something decent to give away :P




Surprisingly not that bad quality for hotel wifi, looking forward to streaming for real in 1080p with a good mic when I get back home.

As always, if you are interested in guest streaming, feel free to PM either @Stev or me.

Want to help the Tip.It Crew? Visit the Website Updates & Corrections forum!

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I watched when I got home. I'm surprised too by the quality and frame rate over the wifi. :P.


Was going to stream when I got home from work - can't log in due to maintenance. :(. So I spent the time setting a few things up. ;).


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