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Wiping my Laptop.


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Hey, I am going to wipe my Dad's laptop as it has become really slow. He bought it from a PC shop and it came with windows 7 installed. When I wipe it, won't it wipe Windows too? If so then how can I reinstall it as I don't think it came with a Windows 7 disk?

Also whats the best way to wipe it.


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I wouldn't bother wiping it just because it is slow, far more work than really needed.


Just go through the installed programs and see what can be taken out to free up some space.

Then check start up programs and see what isn't really needed in there, too many start ups is a speed killer.

Then run something like ccleaner to zap all the temporary files that aren't needed snd run a good defrag (something like auslogics or defraggler work great)

Then maybe open it up and give the fan a bit of a clean to help it work better.


As for how you'd reinstall windows if you must go that route, most laptops that don't come with a disc should have a hidden install/repair partition and the manual would tell you how to make it boot into this and once in there it'd be able to reinstall it's default setup.

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Do you have a recovery disc that came with your computer? You are often given one which can reset your computer back to factory settings.



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Also, dont forget to download all your laptop's drivers prior to wiping if you do decide to go ahead.


This ^ or at the very least put a wireless/wired lan driver on a USB stick... countless times I've re-installed Windows without my drivers backed up and had to juggle with my gf's laptop or use my phone to download drivers.  Not good. :p


It'd be worth checking the base of the laptop (near the battery area) often there will be a Windows key there.  You can download and burn Windows 7 to a DVD then use this key once you've re-installed.

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When a laptop comes without an installer disk, often it will come with installation files on a different partition of the disk.


You should be able to restart the computer while pushing a keyboard button to get access to these options.



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