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looking for good all around clan


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Hi im looking for a good all around clan that likes to skill, fight bosses and events. My total lvl is 1943. I dont care much for warring but it wouldnt be a deal breaker as long as it wasnt all the time. I believe i would make a valuable addition to any active clan. stats are as follows and i will send a screenshot if requested .

  • attack-87
  • str - 88
  • def - 88
  • constitution - 90
  • range - 83
  • pray - 99
  • Magic - 99
  • runecrafting - 54
  • construction -75
  • dungeoneering - 25
  • agility - 70
  • herb - 90
  • theiving - 68
  • crafting - 70
  • fletching - 66
  • slayer - 77
  • hunter - 66
  • mining - 93
  • smithing - 99
  • fishing - 97
  • cook -74
  • woodcut - 67
  • farm - 80
  • summoning - 60

My username is bradb in rs I like to skill on rs but am just now starting to get into the eoc bosses which seem really fun i find myself just wishing i had some clan mates to enjoy these activities with and have skilling competition to push each other to higher lvls. Thanks in advance for looking at my application i am looking forward to finally joining my first clan!

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Skilling competitions, company while skilling, and people to go bossing with? Might be able to interest you in Bear Necessities, then :)


You should read through our forum and see if we're what you're interested in. If so, feel free to add me or guest in the cc for an invite/questions. Hope to see you :)


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If you're looking for a small and friendly environment to meet new friends and hang out with then you should check out  "Ancestral Guardians". Cya around! 


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BradB, we have members who Boss regularly and we have monthly skilling competitions;)  We have events daily;)  Our clan is called The Gladiatorz.  We have been around since the beginning and we will be here til the end:)  If you are interested in checking us out please drop me a line in game.  I'll be glad to help you apply for our clan.


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