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What should I be doing?

Arkius Azure

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Hey guys, new here and this place looks pretty cool. Glad to be here. But I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. The thing I have the most fun on runescape with is pvm, so that is what I want to focus my account on. I just really don't know what to do. I know there are plenty of things that will benifit me greatly, like Chaotics, SS, Overloads, Yaks and all of these things. I just need to know what I should put my time into to make me able to PvM a lot. I'll list out my CB stats and some other info, if you need anything else just ask. Stats are 91 strength, 84 attack, 85 defence, 91 mage, 80 range, 65 prayer and 58 summoning. My bank is only 3m cash right now, but I have Dharok's, gano, void (all 3 styles), and some dragonhide. Also have a lot of runes lying around. So guys what would be my best investments? Also, only 48 or so dung. Thought I'd throw that in. Thanks in advance.

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First of all, welcome!


As far as PVM is concerned, higher stats are better in every case. I assume you are not maxed in slayer, so that might be a start to level those stats. 3m cash is a bit tight, but I suppose the cheapest godsword for melee is better than whip + dragon offhand (assuming you can't wield vine whip (<80 slayer) and don't have EE - need 70 prayer iirc). Ranged rise, try getting a royal..if you have money left..but hand cannon is also good budget weapon (t75). Magic wise, use Staff of Light.


Ranged could also be trained at Waterfiends...crimson used for summoning..then you will get unicorn/titan/yak soon enough. If you get 92 magic (assuming DT done), and maybe 70 prayer, and do a bunch of quests, you can try glacors...sol + gano might be sub-optimal..but if you can manage it well, it can a very good source of charms and magic xp.


Things like Giant Mole and various GWD bosses are doable as well...but again, the budget and stat constraints will hurt your kph and revenue. Given budget, dharok for melee purposes, gano for magic and I suppose royal dragonhide for ranged purposes would suffice.


It will take a while to gather all those things like ss/turm, ovl and yak...patience and persistence.


Hope this helps a little bit.

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I would also advice you to train your Dungeoneering. The skill itself involves a lot of PvM. The way I see it, it helps you understanding how to kill monsters as fast and efficiently as possible as you would want fast floors for faster training. It will help you understanding the use of abilities and the like. What is helpful is that the gear provided in the Dungeons are free and only limit by your levels. As you aren't maxed combat yet, this isn't a problem as someone could easily smith you the required gear.


This will allow you to eventually purchase Chaotic weaponry and once you obtain 85 Dungeoneering, you can enter the lair where the Frost Dragons reside. An excellent source of money with the bones they drop. Also their secondary drops are pretty valuable enough as they stack. However as you do not have a Yak yet, these are limited as most of the times the bones will be worth more then the stacked drops. There are a few exceptions though:

  • Rune Longsword: Worth  more then 1 Dragon Bone, isn't noted however!
  • Rune Arrows: If you are not ranging, these can go in your quiver slot.
  • Water Talisman: Noted and are dropped per 2. As a result are worth more than 1 Dragon Bone.
  • Grimy Dwarf/Lanta: If you get 2 of these as drop, they are worth more than 1 Dragon Bone, if inventory is running full and only got 1 of these, drop them.
  • Adamant Bars: Are dropped uncommonly, but almost always worth it to pick up.
  • Spirits: This is personal choice, they are a rare drop but are the equivalent of 10/20/30 charms at an activation rate of 10/20/30 percentages.
  • Effigy: Speaks for itself.
  • Visage: Idem ditto.

It is preferred to have Super Anti-fire potions by the time you reach this, but can be a very steady source of income to increase your overall wealth. It is also my favourite source of income.


You might as well go for the options above this post. But all in all, you need to remember it is a long road to get to maxed PvM stats and patience is required to reach this :).


May the odds be ever in your favour!

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Thanks for the help guys. I think I'll go for dungeoneering. I'm pretty new to that, and I'm not sure if I'm doing right. At level 48 dung I usually get like 2.5k exp per room and it takes me like 15 minutes. I reset last night and started from floor one, going up all on complexity 6. Is that correct for soloing?

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If you are going for xp, you will want to avoid complexity 1-5 for about 90% of the time.


Do the highest half of the floors you can access on complexity 6, with as many people as you can get, on the largest size you can get. There are cases where smaller is better, but generally, go for the most xp per floor.


The remaining floors are an annoyance and need to be ticked off as quickly as possible to keep prestige high. Do them on complexity 1 (always small), with as many people as possible (but solo works fine), or complexity 2, where you should fish all spots and woodcut all spots.

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it can be tough for the first while, once you start getting good floors it can speed up tremendously


chaotics are a very good place to be at until you can get level90 weapons




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