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Is it worth coming back?


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Hi guys. I'm planning to start playing Runescape during the summer again and I was wondering what you guys thought I should do. Here is my account:




1. Is Runescape 2007 more fun?

2. Is PKing fun anymore? What kinds of stats would you guys suggest for me?

3. What would be the best way for me to make money?

4. Is the game as fun as it used to be?

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Well question 1 2 and 4 are entirely subjective and since we are not in fact you we cannot decide if to you think they are fun or not.


As for question 3 this kinda hinges on if you decide to play the main game or OSRS, so probably best to decide that before hand.


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1. If you played RS back then, no, it's an entirely different game with an entirely different community. If you never played back then maybe, no GE and a different set of training methods might make it more interesting to you than live game.


2. Not aware of the pking scene in 07, in RS3 afaik it's basically just warband groups, there have been large wars recently so if that's what you're into it's there.



this kinda hinges on if you decide to play the main game or OSRS, so probably best to decide that before hand.


4. I have no idea how much fun you had playing it before, personally I find RS(3) more stale now than it was say 2-3 years ago. Microtransactions are taking their toll. There's definitely a lot of content though, being in the top 1% of players I've already done most of it (might be why I think it's stale); it might be worth playing for if you like completing things.

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The only problem with 2007 is that it's a pain in the butt to train all over again. :/ Otherwise I'd be 100% willing to go back.


Maybe I'll get to 99 wc on 2007 or something to make a lot of money, then spend that on combat skills. Maybe.. you guys think that's worth it?

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I haven't logged into this forums for quite some time, and to be honest, it's completely up to you.

If you want to play where's the harm in that, for me personally though, I couldn't see myself going back.


Muggi has a point if it's nostalgia you want, for me though the game engine has been through so many iterations and it's hard to keep the game fresh so people seem to get disappointed I did myself that's why I quit 2 years ago now.

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