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I want to try out killing glacors, but I'm not sure what I should take. I know roughly how to kill them and which order to kill the glacyte's, but any other tips would be useful.


I've not got soulsplit yet, but I have got a unicorn. Gear wise I have ganodermic and chaotic staff. I'm guessing I should use fire wave seen as I've not got the level for fire surge? And should I be praying because I haven't got soulsplit? What invent should I take?


I've also got Ovls, so I can use them aswell.


Any help appreciated!


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Hey there,


First off, for my action bar, I tend to use:

- Sonic wave

- Combust

- Wrack

- Dragon breath

- Impact

- Wild magic

- Asphyxiate

- Any damaging ultimate

- Guthix's blessing

- Freedom

Last two are free for whatever. I'd suggest not using Chain because you sometimes hit multiple Glacors and have a bit of trouble on your hands.


Next then, either ovl or extreme magic potions work well, so that's up to you. 


Seeing as you can't use Soul Split yet, use protection prayers going along with the arms on the Glacor.


definitely use fire wave until you have access to fire surge. I'm not sure about xp/hr with fire wave, but I'd assume roughly 150k.


Unfortunately I don't have invy pictures, so I'll just tell you what I use:

- 1 hour of potions (3 ovl, and whatever you find you need in terms of prayer potions for that time)

- 50-100 high alchemy casts

- charming imp (not necessary)

- 10 food (monks or higher would be best)


To save on prayer/food, bring an aura with you.


Gl with them! Feel free to pm me in game - NealolaeN

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iirc blood blitz does higher damage than fire wave, so use that instead. When you get 94 you should use blood barrage. 


You should be able to kill them fine with uni, im just throwing a random number out there but ~400-500k/hr should be achievable with blood blitz, cstaff, and augury or whatever that prayer is.


Look into using amulet of zealots, as you are on regular prayers. 


Take something like this, substituting overloads if you want, and adding in unicorn scrolls for you. Also potions instead of flasks seeing as a unicorn doesnt last a whole hour.





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Abyssal Wand + Abyssal Orb is better than Chaotic Staff.


Use this method:


The steps shown in video:

Wild Magic -> Impact/Wrack/Conc.Blast the Glacor. Glacytes spawn.

Combust the enduring take 2 steps back into Conc. Blast, cancel it with Chain.

Run through the Unstable (either north of you if standing north/south of a glacor, or west of you if standing east/west of a glacor) and autoattack->dragon breathe to kill the unstable w/ the sapping.


Asphyxiate the Glacor for the kill.


Use Overloads if you have them - and always use the best fire spell available. The above method might require an extra spell or two on the Glacytes step more often than not - but it should still be one of the fastest ways for you to kill them.


If you can stand the extra effort, properly praying range/mage will extend trips if you aren't fine with just unicorn.



Not 100% sure how good it is without Soulsplit however. The XP rate for you will probably be 300-400k xp/hr until you unlock Fire Surge. Shouldn't take too long.



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dont forget blood spells count as fire. 


also if you really want to tryhard you can bring broads or ascension shards and losslessly fletch 1 set every time the glacytes spawn.



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