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Back after a while.


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I just logged into RS3, and I'm quite overwhelmed. Never played RS3 before, and I have no idea what has changed since I stopped playing. I stopped playing when they announced EOC. 
Can I get some help on what I should do to start building back up?


My stats are below




All I have left is a chaotic maul, barrows gloves,  d boots, and a dungeoneering cape.

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Complete the conbat academy and do some safe minigames (pest control, dom tower) to get some idea of how the new combat works, then do slayer. My ability bars aren't the best, so i'll let others post their ideal setups.




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Aside from what Squakus mentioned I would suggest doing all the quest you missed while working on dungeoneering, specifically to get magic and range weapons. Evetually you'll want to upgrade to t90 weapons, but considering you may have no money at all you'll be a long way off buying those, so chaotics will have to do. I would also suggest starting Player Owned Ports it you haven't already. With enough time spent in Ports you'll be able to make your own magic tank armor thanks to your runecrafting level. Your prayer and flecthing levels also allow you hunt for the item to make scrimshaws and your cooking level will allow you to make rocktail soups, both of which you can sell for profit. However, you'll need 90 fishing, 90 thieving, and 90 crafting to get melee and range tank armor.


Other advise I can give would be to see if you can afford Barrows and camp Frost Dragons to buy better equipment, as that is my go to monster I kill for money. Other monsters would be Roraii, any of the dragons, Waterfiends, QBD, and GWD bosses. However, some of these may not apply to you because of some of the lower levels you have and or lack of equipment/money. For example, for you to wear anything better than Barrows, that defense level needs to be higher. You need 75 defense for GWD sets, 80 for Nex, and 85 for Ports armor. Good news is that Jagex seems to be trying to make slayer more profitable, so improving slayer would allow you to access better monsters, get more money, and get a higher defense to wear better gear.


Other than that I would do your standard herb farming runs/mtk/daily profit while you work on safe minigames/Dominion Tower to get a feel for combat now and quest to catch up. Lastly, if you still have friends in game, they should be able to share their ability bar with you with a new in game function. Otherwise someone else can share here or you can even stop in HYT Chat (Serpent Eye) to ask for more assistance.


Good luck and welcome back!


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I'm assuming you have no goal of xp past 99 in a skill, so I will leave out things you can do daily for skills in which you are 99 already.


Daily yews/rocktails are a good way to get your fishing up to 99 while making a quick profit. Go to W48 around daily reset time for this. You just click on the divine spot and get free xp and money.


Do bork for free slay xp and charms for summoning too. Ring of wealth boosts something.


Wilderness Warbands give very fast free experience in a skill of your choice out of (farm, construction, smith, mining, herblore). 


If you have some leftover dg tokens, get a pair of chaotic claws (200k tokens + d claws). These are better than the maul. Then, if you have void, take it and go to something like frost dragons, as mentioned above. Otherwise, as you have 99 prayer and access to soul split, instead of barrows just take some other power armor (damage boosting armor) like rock-shell (40def). Train defense as you need higher defense for the better armors. 



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