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Nex Guide

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Drops Summary under the Overview of Nex still mentions the armor has a set effect, it no longer does.


Nex heals to 73,333 hp, not 80k (mentioned in the Special Notes section)


I have never tried it, but I would think the stomp attack does 1000 damage on all phases, not 100 in the later ones (under the Combat Mechanics phase descriptions)


Special Attacks for Blood Phase: her Blood Sacrifice damages you  with typeless damage for 10% of your maximum lp and heals her by your max lp.

Zaros Phase mentions her regenerating 40k lp, this should be the 33,333 mentioned earlier. Also, devotion only lasts 10 seconds.


Reaching Nex: completing the Fate of the Gods quest gives you the Shard of Zaros, which makes all monsters in god wars and the ancient prison unagressive. Also, as this is a stairway and Jagex removed the need for ropes/grapples for the rest of god wars, is a rope still required for newcomers?


Tank equipment: 6th age circuit shows in the glove slot for melee. Magic gear should be worn in helm/gloves/boots if playing defensively, so Seasinger's hood, static gloves, and ragefire boots. Extra melee gear will only make you take more damage. Arcane should really only be used as a "welfare" setup as it's the cheapest of the soaking spirit shields, but divine should be listed as equal to malevolent, and malevolent is only just more expensive than an arcane, so perhaps that should be shown in the setup instead.

For the mage tank, spectral sigil shard is listed instead of the actual shield. Abyssal wand/orb should be listed instead of Ahrim's wand/book.

As a tank, especially for those with less experience, ring of vigour is highly recommended for both setups.


Dps equipment: 6th age circuit is in the glove slot again. I personally think nex or degrade to dust gear should be shown in the picture, but it is listed as better.


Phase 5: Zaros

She heals 33,333 lp.



Ava's devices are no longer lost on death. Tier 90 armor (as in degrade to dust, does not apply to the shields) lose 10% charge if not kept.



Mentions the set bonus which no longer exists.

The stats listed are outdated, from when the set effect still existed and there was no power armor. Same applies to the weapons, they pre-date the accuracy update change.

It might be easier to just show the pictures of them, with links/hover info coming from the item database, especially with changes coming soon from the beta, this would only add yet another page to update if not changed/made more central. 

Also, rather than changing the window, clicking between Armor and Weapons only adds or removes the Weapons section, which differs from the previous boxes.

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