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Quick question: Can you refuse the exp from MM?

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Hey! Haven't been here in ages, but i'm sure no one remembers me so i'll just move along with the question.


Can you refuse the exp from MM? I recall seeing an update on the 07RS home page months ago saying that they made it possible. Which upset me as i had already completed it to make a Zerker pure(Would have rather been able to refuse the exp and make a rune pure). Well i returned to 07RS and made a new account members thinking i'd have to start over. However i'm seeing some conflicting information saying that you can't refuse it. Clarification?

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No, they polled it and it failed by a fair bit, so they aren't planning on ever opening it back up without gaining xp.

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Unless they changed the quest, just don't talk to the certain monkey and you won't gain the defence exp.



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You CAN bypass the defence xp from the quest. Its not like an xp reward drops upon completion, it works more like lamps. The xp is only given through talking to daero so if you avoid him you dont get the xp.


However by avoiding this you CANNOT revisit the ape atoll


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