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Goal Change: 200m Attack Experience!

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The purpose of this blog has now changed, although my initial goal was to achieve an account value of 1 billion gold, this goal with the overall target of "recovering my account" - In this regard, I would say getting to over 700m in value purely from PVMing was quite successful.


I was started to get a little distracted from the goal and wanting to spend my money, I felt like I couldn't do this as my bank would lose value and would distract from the 1B target, these thoughts of wanting to spend my cash were compounded when I got Silverhawk Boots from treasure hunter, the desire to spend about 250m on agility is quite strong.


This has led me to want to strive for a new goal whilst simultaniously being able to spend my money on whatever I like - 200m attack experience, I will be providing updates on how much experience I gain per day, my ranking in attack at the beginning of the day and my ranking in attack at the end of the day.


The backstory as to how blog started:




For the longest time whilst playing the game, I was penniless, I could never afford what I wanted and could never find the means of making money. One day a friend of mine introduced me the duelling arena where I proceeded to turn 2m into 600m in the space of 3 hours. You may already know where this is going. 


I was hooked, after using a relatively small amount of this money to train a few skills, I returned to the duel arena with the idea that because I had more money, I could increase my cash at a much faster rate with no trouble. The problems arose when at the point of desperation, I gambled away everything.


This all took place in 2010, I quit the game for a little while but inevitably returned. Since returning I have repeatedly gained a fair bit of money through hard work [180m, 120m, 300m, 420m] and each and every time ended up having a thought go through my head one day just saying 'Why not go to the duel arena, it won't do much harm'. It did.


After another break from the game, I return to my bank being in this state:




After my last run of losses, I decided to completely clear out my bank, leaving myself with exactly 1m cash if I ever wanted to return.


My goal is to have a bank worth 1000x this amount and to do so through hard work.


Problems with starting that I need to resolve:

I have no form of melee weapon and no dungeon tokens to buy any. My dislike of the skill will most likely have to be overcome so I can start making decent money.


From my previous mistakes, I have racked up 40m in debt to a friend who may be planning to return sometime during the summer, this money will need to be made and put away for safe keeping until confirmation from friend. [NOTE: Never give an addict a means to fulfilling their addiction]


For the next 11 days I am busy with exam revision to ensure this year of university hasn't gone to waste, progress until after this period is expected to be incredibly slow, this blog is being created now to help give me the motivation to achieve my goal during the 12 weeks of free time I'm about to get.


Current Skills:



Edit: Forgot to mention I am also a complete failure when it comes to questing, still having over 80 quests to do that will probably not be completed for some time.



Current value: [730/1000m]



4th July 2014: Achieved 120 Attack Cape [Hide]uctQ8IW.jpg[/hide]


9th July 2014: Achieved 94-99 Fletching [Hide]CpmGhYS.jpg[/Hide]

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Good luck to you sir! I'm in the same boat, recently staked away 600m aswell and sitting on about 100 now again through slow filling offers.


Now I just invest in things that sell overtime, I don't know if you merchanted much but I find much solace in it.


Yay cluehunting ^^


I see you have plentiful of ovl though :)... add me if you get bored :p

Sway all day, Butterfly flaps all the way!  tumblr_inline_mp4i2qAGS11qz4rgp.gif

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The day started off well with a small crafting crate giving me a nice boost:



After which I managed to do some Ganodermic Beasts in-between revision sessions:




Thank you guys for wishing me luck, it means a lot :)


Edit: A whole lot more ganos


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Slowly building towards being able to buy some decent weapons for melee, roughly 38/85m for maces right now




I actually have my exams during this week and the following week so there may not be any updates for a little while.

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Not much to update due to exams, bought the off-hand drygore mace and currently have 20m cash towards the main-hand, problem is I need to use my summer xp aura today and tempted to do prayer.


Edit: If I take it as a given that at some point I will do prayer during this summer, I realise that doing it at a later date when I already have the means to make money faster will be better than spending it whilst still building towards gearing up, I'll use this weeks on a random skill.

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I had a day off from revision today, ground out a lot of Ganodermic beasts and managed to buy this:



Which means I now have a main-hand rapier and off-hand mace, about 1m left over to start with some barrows armour but just a few hours will easily have that up to Bandos. Exams are fairly frequent now so just the occasional hour here and there until next Wednesday. 


I realise drygore weaponry is dropping in price dramatically but I don't plan on selling these at any point so it doesn't matter.

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Hey there! It has been a few days since my last update, at that point I started using my newly acquired drygores to kill frost dragons, that worked for quite a while and even help towards my secondary goal of getting a 120 cape in attack, however the Enlightenment Aura has really ruined the frost dragon spot with so many people wanting the bones. 


Instead of doing frost dragons I moved onto queen black dragon after selling my gathered bones for bandos and some money in my coin pouch. QBD is where the fun began! Just a couple minutes ago I sold the results of my most recent QBD streak and bought the last piece of armour to complete my current setup.


With further ado, my current bank value is:



That means I'm [207m/1000m] already! My final exams are over the next three days, I have 8 of them to do so it's going to be pretty intense until Wednesday night, hopefully I'll have an update then :)

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Congrats, looks like you're making solid progress.

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Hey everybody :) No time to play right now, final few exams are tomorrow and looking forward to them being over and done with.


My friend has asked for the 40m that I mentioned in the first post, for some reason I forgot about it so it came as a bit of a suprise, I'm going to attempt to grind that out in over Wednesday night and Thursday so that any money made after that is put towards my goal, that said, taking into account the 40m debt, my bank is actually [167m/1000m] 

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I have finally been lifted from the curse of exams and although I'm taking a holiday-like thing next week, I'll still be able to play and work towards my goal, for now though I'll update you and tell you that I have paid off the 40m to my friend which means that everything I have is actually mine now!


I've spent copious amounts of time at the QBD now and after a couple of days of earnings like this:



My total value is currently:



So I am [272/1000m] , it's going well!


I have just noticed that since the last price check the torva value has gone up for a combined total of 12m, that's pretty impressive but I expect it might crash soon, no matter what it's not being sold so it doesn't particularly matter.

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Hey, I've struggled to play during the last week due to this holiday, a little bit of work I did before we left and a tiny bit whilst here has left me at [328/1000m]. 


That's practically a third of the way towards my goal in 20 days even with all the hassle of exams and this current break, I'll be home on Sunday and after that it's going to be rapidly increasing

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Thanks for the comments guys, it means a lot for you to support me.


So in my previous update my bank value was [328/1000m] and I was expecting to get home today, however I actually ended up getting home last night and have just done 15 straight hours of QBD, killing 270 (18 per hour)


I am not going to sell the loot and instead am going to wait until I get to 1000 kills and sell it all in one go, this may take a little while as I'm not sure I want to do something crazy like this again, it is time for me to sleep now and I imagine I'm going to snooze for a long while.

Anyway, here is the loot tab as of 270/1000 kills:



Edit: A few of those lants are from farm runs during the 15 hours.

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It's time for me to sleep, at 450 qbd kills so far, here is the current loot tab:




At roughly 5m per hour, and with this being 25 hours worth, I estimate this loot at about 125m ,combining that with a rough value of the rest of my bank, my current value is [480/1000m] going into the new month, meaning I have made 479m in the last 24 days.

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I am apparently too weak to keep a loot tab going, I got to 500 QBD kills and decided to sell up, here is the overall cash earnt from the kills:




Here is my current bank value:




Halfway towards my current goal, won't be playing any more today as I have an Age of Empires 2 tournament to play in.

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Hey all, been a little while since I've made any decent progress, needed something to convince me to get playing.


Over the last 42 hours I have ground out the final 5.6m attack I needed for a 120 cape, that's right:





I did this pretty fast at frost dragons, here is the loot:



and here is my bank value after selling it:




It's a little lower than it would have been if I had simply used a yak as usual, however I wanted to get my new cape quickly so I just camped with notepaper, I'm loving this new look my character has :)

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