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Goal Change: 200m Attack Experience!

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I've been quite lax with regards to working towards goal for the last few days, had quite a few commitments elsewhere, when I finally did come back to RuneScape today, instead of earning money I spent 24 straight hours doing this:




So at least I gained something out of it...


With regard to bank value:




Things are progressing, albeit slowly.

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The username DIY was really available? Haha, nice one :)


Not done too much today, a few hours of solo Bandos GWD


New bank value: [621/1000m]


Yhea lol it was :D great name i think ;p


In the 4 hours of QBD I managed to do today, I got 5 draconic visages, I only thought to take a screenshot when I got two of them back-to-back:




nice progress mate, keep up the good work and goodluck!

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I should probably be updating with more pictures of actual loot tabs, I'll keep that in mind next time, for now:



My TH keys after reset gave me the worst possible reward in my current situation:



Now I have to resist levelling agility as I can't afford such an expensive item whilst going for this goal, one thing is for certain, I know what's happening to my cash after I achieve 1B. [/Hide]

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