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Returning - Have few 99s but lost.. Includes stats

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Hey Guys,


Past - Originally started back in RSC, played heaps then and heaps since on and off with multiple different chars' but I have been inactive on RS for a few years now.


I am using this guy (stats posted) - Minimal money - as a lot of what I did own is now not worth a lot after viewing the Grand Exchange.


Goals are, as always raising skills. But also making money slowly through skills to buy decent gear for PVM.

What do people use now in terms of PVM gear?

With current stats what could I do to make money?

I would like to aim for all stat 80+



I know veterans don't appreciate these posts and I remember what I used to think, but alot has changed and some advice would be nice.


Thanks heaps in advance,




Also: Have paid for a month of p2p to give this game another shot.

Fishing/cooking will most likely be first goals attempted at reaching 80/80 and then moving onto other goals, but also open to other skills and which ones to raise to 80 next. Open to opinions. :)

With work and life commitments only opportunity to play is roughly couple hours per night.



~ K O N K A R ~ Konkar Jr ~ X Konkar X
99 Strength - 18/12/08 - 99 Attack - 5/2/09
99 Hp - 20/7/09 - 99 Defence 26/7/09

Krisk Jr
RSC, Lives on in all of us

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Oh, Where to start where to start....


Lets get the Money making out of the way. Every time someone asks about money making I just give them this link: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Making_money

You may have to look down the list a little ways to find something that suits your levels, but it really is a good list. (may not be the best, but it is the best I know of)


Now onto the other items.


PvM I would need to better understand what you mean here. Do you want to do bosses? If so you will need higher prayer and possibly summoning to do the top tier bosses. Might even need higher herblore as well for top end potions.

If you are referring to things like slayer or other lower tier monsters then using Bandos, Armadyl, or Subjugation will suffice. If you have the money you can get some Nex gear as well.

For weapons you will want to try and get something tier 90, melee is the cheapest by far followed by range and then magic. But for many this is still out of reach. The next best thing is Chaotics I see you have a dungeoneering level of 1, so you wont have any of those as you need level 80 to be able to afford your first. Next up after this is Godswords I believe. They are pretty cheap now, so I would look at those until you can get something better (elf city maybe?)


Something else you should really look at is Player Owned Ports. This will allow you to get level 85 tank armor for basically free. Of course you will need to train some of your levels up, but it would be worth thinking about and planning for. It may influence what you want to get up first.


As for training I don't have much to offer here other than you way really want to look at Dungeoneering for the above mentioned Chaotics. Since they will most likely be the best weapons you can afford it is worth leveling.


I hope this helps you on your way and welcome back! Most people have been in the same boat as you many times, myself included. We all seem to come and go, so don't worry about posting these types of questions. There is always someone willing to answer and help out.


Feel free to add me in game if you want to message me. If I'm online and you have any questions or want to chat I'll help where I can. (or look it up on the wikia and take credit for my never-ending knowledge)


---------------------------- ';..;' ----------------------------


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