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Back Playing - [OSRS]

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[spoiler=My Intro To OSRS]

I didn't like the way RS had progressed under the wings of the EoC update and felt that since MMG had taken over the reigns it was simply "his way or the wrong way", that's just my perception of the whole EoC update, ever since the online users have decreased significantly they're only now trying to revert back to the old mechanics of the way RS was played, but it's too late in my opinion.


I stopped playing RS when the EoC update came about (I did give it some time, I just didn't like it) and I heard that Jagex were officially releasing the older, simpler, more user friendly version of RS, to which I started playing, it's only recently that I have started to play properly, by properly, I mean play more than 3 hours a week.


I will keep this updated with my ever changing goals and also provide screenshots of the levels/goals I have achieved.


I'm not too sure what type of an account to create yet, so I'm simply reverting back to what I know best (for the time being) and that's training a low-defence account.





[spoiler=Where I Play RuneScape]







My goals will be displayed in the format of dynamic signatures, but coloured in a way which people can easily understand.

  • Red - Not started.
  • Yellow - Currently training.
  • Green - Completed.











[spoiler=Current Bank]






[spoiler=Levels Gained]


[spoiler=73 Strength]





[spoiler=74 Strength]





[spoiler=75 Strength]








[spoiler=65 Hitpoints]





[spoiler=66 Hitpoints]








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