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Tutorial island to 126cb 2b+ bank


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My little action plan if I were to create a new account and rush to this extremely large goal ASAP, I dunno, it was just fun to write down the things I've been thinking about and it also may give some of you an idea to achieve your goals. (Got better methods? Tell me. I really don't know ANY low level money makers, I just hear white berries are pretty good.)


(Barrows gloves are also part of the goal. I think it may be theoretically faster NOT to get b gloves if your goal was max melee + 2b bank, but, i mean, come on, everyone needs b gloves. It also is kinda required for the primary money maker, clan PvM, as most good clans would not accept you.)


Finish tutorial island.


Train 70 agility (It has to be done at some point. It would be most efficient to get it done ASAP, but you don't NEED it until much much later so you can train at your leisure.)


Collect an inventory of whiteberries and use money made to purchase quest items/food/basic weapons


Do typical starter quests, waterfall, vampire slayer, tree gnome village, fight arena, the grand tree, do mountain daughter quest while you're at it too.


Kill skeletons in wildy for looting bag


Make about 1m collecting whiteberries with looting bag


Get 43 prayer, do Dragon Slayer, Lost city, Monkey Madness, Death platue and fremenik trials quests. Start RFD and do the one that gives you rock cake.


Train your stats to 45+ defense 60+ attack 50+ strength if not already (I think quests bring you pretty close if not above this)


Do some more whiteberry picking to buy full rune, glory, zerker helm, d scimmy, drag dagger, climbing boots, combat bracelet


Do an endurance run or two in NMZ to get about 40k points. Spend 12k on overloads 28k on absorption potions.


Do typical MTD NMZ host, rockcake down to 51hp before going in, and then flick the Rapid Restore prayer very 50 seconds to remain at 1hp forever. Get 70 strength 60 attack. You will profit in points even at these low levels.


Get rune defender from warriors guild


Get 70 attack, train strength all the way until you have enought points to buy whip. (~80 probably)


Train on controlled with whip, buy dboots at 60 defense.


Continue training, use excess cash to train your skills for the minimum requirements to get B gloves and do all the quests and get them.


Continue training, buying zerk ring (imbue ring as soon as possible afterwards), fury, bandos chest plate, bandos tassets. In that order. As they become affordable.


Once you're around 90 in all melee stats, sell the bandos armour and whip, get 70 prayer, buy full guthans and full veracs.


Every night you will 6 hour afk NMZ normal mode with guthans on controlled style from now on.


You need 70 agility at this point. You're going to join a PvM clan and do Sara trios, a lot. (Get ecu keys, never get killcount.)


You will make money extremely fast now.


Buy SGS once you can afford. Consider cannoning 55 range and chinning 70 range then doing the fight caves at this point, fire cape would help trips/training a little bit and would also allow you to join certain very good PvM clans.


Sell SGS to buy an AGS once you can afford.


Keep at it until you have around 100m cash + your sara gear. Now you can consider merching, but no bank standing yet, you will post extremely low buy offers and extremely high sell offers for various items that you know will take long to get response to, while you're waiting for responses, you will continue doing Sara trios.


Once you have around 500m cash you might consider doing bank standing kind of merching/item flipping as your primary source of income.


Once you have 2b+ you can start training 99 prayer, you left it so late because the more capital you had to merch with, the faster you could make more money. Finish training max melee if not done yet and get back upto 2b with merching. Goal complete.


"merch this much gp" is extremely easy to say,  but not something everyone finds comfortable or simple to actually do, if that just isn't something you can do, replace it with more Sara trios!


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What's the best way to get ecu keys? I read that it is 1/50 for the first key - is there something quick to kill that would make this better than just killing sara spirit mages and half-killed stuff?


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There are 3 imps, 2 waterfiends and a few goblins I run around and kill, usually not focusing on goblins as they die very rapidly to goraks. Then just kill stuff low hp along your path from these, there is an ogre and werewolf that predicitably fight each other near the imps, I basically attack both while they're fighting each other so that I can ko the winning one in 1 hit.


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