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Old player coming back - Low stats

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I just came back to the game after a fairly long break. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting some starter cash. Was going to work on all stats to 60 but would like some gold first.


I have low stats here is a screenshot... and you can see all my glorious money(47k).




Thanks in advance.

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Start training combat with slayer and pick all the drops. They add up to a lot. 


The thing is you'll have to train your skills to a higher level and make money off the process. Get 60 Mining and bank all the ores. Preferably Iron. Sell them once you reach your goal


Maybe do yews from 60-65 WC and sell the logs.


I see some really low stats. You could do quests and train them in general to take breaks from the above grind.


Hope that helps. Cheers!

99 Woodcutting 99 Constitution | 99 Prayer

Scapin since July 05'

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