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How do you create a simple 2-key macro?


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So, apparently Guild Wars 2 allows macros because there is nothing they can do against them. Simple ones, that is.


How do I create a little macro that can't be detected, such as this?:

-I press F.

-0.75 seconds later, this automatically activates 1 other key.


I'm unsure of the exact timing I would need, but I would need to fiddle around with it. This little macro would allow me to get a guaranteed Lich Form stomp off, which, although is humanly possible to do, is almost impossible to pull off because of the precise timing required.

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Look into Ahk its a powerful macro builder that allows you to do what you want with scripts. So lets say you want to use the F key to do a certain action, then .75 secs later another?It would look something like this in AHK








Simple, easy to write, and very powerful. You can also make the script do mousemoves, clicks, and repeat actions. There are guides and such posted on the forums and its relatively easy for anyone to pick up.

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