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why the high demand for small fishing nets?


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I recently noticed that small fishing nets have an unusually high price of almost 800 GP. As an experiment, I tried putting around 50 of them on the Grand Exchange, and they actually sold. That's a profit of over 35k for just a few minutes of work.


But I don't understand why people would pay so much for them. They are not consumables, and one is already included on the toolbelt. People who need them for Hunter only need to go to a fishing store and buy them for 40 GP each. So why is there such a high demand for them?





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It's more convenient to buy them on the GE than a fishing store. It takes 20 seconds to get to the GE at most, but there aren't any fishing shops near a teleport.


They're used for hunter and some quests, so there are often a few hundred offers in at 1k+.


There also aren't any people who sell them in bulk, so supply always exceeds demand.


Lots of items are like this. Usually you can sell a between 100 and 1k before the demand is met. If you can sell more than 1k of them for a high price, then something suspicious is happening.

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 but there aren't any fishing shops near a teleport.


Port Sarim lodestone is literally next to a fishing shop which stocks small nets, if I'm not mistaken.

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And Catherby lodestone is not even 10 second walk to fishing shop for that matter. So it is just about people being to lazy to teleport to a lodestone?

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Costs 100 times more to use a lodestone than it does to buy a net on the ge


Runescape Logic.


It's not too much of an exaggeration. A few years ago, it was calculated that it was more efficient to bribe the Shantay Pass guard with 100gp, rather than spending the extra time buying a 5gp ticket from Shantay to go through.
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In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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