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If you're getting it for mainly for CAD and Matlab, wich I assume you're talking about AutoCAD or other AutoDesk products, you would be better going with laptops with Quadro or Firepro cards, but these laptops are a lot more expensive. Gaming graphics cards are good too, but they don't perform as well for CAD. If you want to game though you're better going for a regular cosumer laptop with a gaming graphics card. I know that in Nvidia's case, they have tailored drivers for these programs with the Quadro series.


I personally would go for Nvidia though, they make the best drivers for their cards and you won't have trouble with crashes.

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Don't buy a ASUS, that thing crashed on me like 30 times already!

What model?


Then again it's one laptop in the huge number of Asus laptops that have given no problems at all, even less than most brands.

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I had this strange idea in my head that freeing up all the CPU by closing background programs/tasks would speed up my notebook.


Then my friend explained to me that those background tasks are needed for my notebook to run smoothly.


Thank ASUS for system restore, I havent had any problems since.

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