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NMZ absorbtion 1hp trick explained in 60 seconds


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Part of a long series of "Explained in under 60 seconds" guide series.


I'm guilty of making a few guides and having them run for over 10 minutes, I've decided that whenever possible I will try condense my guides into 60 seconds or less, no rambling, just pertinent information.


I hope this is helpful to some.



 I didn't have time to go into Overloads VS Pure sets in the video.

Basically: Overloads are slightly better xp an hour. But you really have to pay attention when they run out, cos you go to 99 stats and 51hp. You will be wrecked at 51hp as enemies will hit normally, hitting upto about 30's. Even when paying attention you'll be above 1hp for like 5 seconds as the ovl slowly damages you. Overall it will not let you last there as long, and it will not be as AFK.

It will give better xp and it's cheaper and easier to get than pure sets though. It's personal preference.


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