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Addendum to the new Pest Control Guide

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I'd like to make a small addition to the recent update to the guide (good job by the way - it looks great :) ). After many hundreds of games, I've noticed that the portals always become unshielded in a very small number of possible orders (out of 24 total possible permutations). These are:







E SW SE W (the exception to the rules below)


There is, with the one exception, a fairly simple set of rules to be followed.


1) The first portal is always East, Southeast or West (never Southwest).

2) The second portal is always on the opposite half of the island. This is to say, the Eastern portals (E, SE) are always followed by one of the Western portals (W, SW) and vice versa.

3) The third portal to be unshielded is the other portal on the same side as the second portal (again using the East/West split).

4) The last portal is the other portal on the same side as the first portal.


The only exception to rules 3 and 4 is the pattern "E SW SE W". The third portal heads back East and the last portal is in the West.


Knowing these patterns is very helpful when you're in the portal-destroyer role. It's very annoying to have to run the entire length of the island only to arrive when the portal's already almost dead. Knowing (roughly) where to be after the first portal becomes unshielded greatly increased my personal enjoyment of Pest Control and I hope that this can somehow be added to the guide.




ps Forgive me if this is the wrong subforum to be posting in. This isn't really a correction, but nor is it a new idea, so I'm posting here and hoping for the best.

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Hello :D Sorry this is a month late but we've been busy beavers down in the crew,


This is some good information thanks, i'm going to be going over the guide with some quick fixes and i'll add this in and credit you as "Taraji", then edit this post when i'm done ^_^


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Thanks! Glad I could help improve the website.

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