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Old player looking to try out the legacy mode, couple questions


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I've been away from rs3 for couple years, i've mainly been playing osrs on and off, but I learned about legacy mode recently and decided to try it again for the rest of the summer. 


My stats 




My bank is a mess, I sold almost everything to buy bonds for osrs. Right now I have leftover are a bunch of chaotics, full bandos, barrows equipment, etc. Nothing high tier and almost no cash.


What can I do? Can I still solo Bandos with cls/cks? Is that even good for money anymore? What should I aim for if I want to just do some solo pvm stuff (equipment wise)? 


And one specific question: I went to dungeoneering again, but I realised I lost all my binds, why is this? Is there anyway I can get them back? If not, what are the most optimal binds for dg nowadays? Thanks


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On dg

You won't have lost your binds, unless you purposefully broke them - they did a major overhaul of the bind system leaving us with up to 12 bound items (plus a potion) and 3 bind setups allowing for the 1-5 items (plus a 6th oh only slot for dw). All your bound items should still be there, you just need to put them into a loadout via right-clicking the smuggler.


As for optimal binds DGS etc mostly recommend ssh, blood neck, sagi body, sagi short bow and primal 2h for your 5.

Some people prefer to do ssh, blood neck, body, legs and 1 wep or ssh, body, legs and 2 weps.

The main thing is ranged is the best choice for main style as there's so many mage-based ranged weak enemies in dg it makes best use of weaknesses whilst also offering the best def again a style ur gonna be hit with a lot.


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You can't make the Saggitarian bow, nor can you make the arrows that go along with it.



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Oh thank god I just found my binds! Haha


Is there an fc where I can ask for help to make bows and arrows to bind?

dung smith is probably still active. They don't do hunts for 99/slayer Gear, but they'll help with anything lower.

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Do yourself a favor and play on legacy only worlds... less you wanna be lagging and dead clicking away.

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He just successfully trolled you with "courtesy" and managed to get a reaction out of you. Lol

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