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If I become a member...?


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Let's say the last time I played RuneScape or was even a member was many years ago; around the time of Nex armor release era or when Solomon's store was just starting to take off.


If I become a member today, what am I missing out on from the ridiculous introduction of Solomon's store? (Ridiculous because what kind of game has P2P and a cash shop?) Am I missing out on a ton of features if I just become a member and don't use Solomon's store? Is that thing a pay-2-win issue nowadays?


What is Solomon's store all about?

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Solomons is pretty much just a cosmetics shop. There are a few things that are technically pay to win in a very minor way, like familiars that pick up drops, but even they are pretty forgettable.


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There are many, many things to enjoy in membership.  To name a few, clan citadels, more skills, hundreds of quests, and faster methods of training almost everything, along with the potential to make more money.  I wouldn't stay F2P unless you are really hardcore into it, like myself.


I'm also moving this to Help & Advice as this is better suited there :).

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I think you can play pretty well without paying anything other than membership. I haven't spent any real money to RuneScape over the course of past year. I've bought membership and even some treasure chest keys with bonds. All money collected to bonds was made in game via boss hunting. 

There are definitely some pay to win aspects, but if you play the game mainly for your own enjoynment and less to impress others, they are not really that big deal. Atleast they aren't for me. Welcome back Lep. I used to read your blog back in the days.

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Yeah jagex has steered clear of 'pay to win' pretty well


Solomans is almost entirely cosmetic overrides only.

Treasure Hunter has a few things that come close to pay to win with their promos, but anything with gameplay benefits usually remains on the prize roster forever in the rare slots (e.g. slayer masks and skilling outfits) so whilst paying for keys would help you get them faster you don't strictly HAVE to pay to win. Plus again they aren't major game changers for the most part - the few that are tend to have tradable components.


Not to mention the advent of bonds means you can use in-game wealth only to secure keys, runecoins and membership again subverting the notion of pay 2 win.


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