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Swiftkit wont respond

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If I'm using Swiftkit while playing and have a seperate browser open on FB or Twitch etc when I click on the other browser and then back on Swiftkit, Swiftkit wont register the mouseclicks or respond to anything I  do. The time it's unresponsive varies from only a few seconds up to 2-3 minutes. I don't get a "this programme is not responding" error, it just wont respond to anything I do. I've tried playing in a browser rather than Swiftkit and it runs fine. Any suggestions/help is appreciated as this has been bugging me for a coup[le of weeks now.


This is the debug file if it's of any help -


[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Starting up...
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Starting up...launcher version is 1.65.29
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] App data folder path is C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Checking folder structure
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Attempt to set browser emulation
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Check if drive is NTFS
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Drive is NTFS so set required permisions
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Finished setting permissions
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Starting cleanup
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Variables set
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Delete all temp files
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Delete all temp folders
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] exiting cleanup temp data
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Finished cleaning up temp data
[24/08/2014 2:04:15 p.m.] Initialize finished

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What version of windows are you running, also are you using the chrome feature?


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I'm running Windows 7 and not using Chrome. When I choose to run Chrome I get a white screen where the RS homepage should be. I should also mention I have reinstalled SK more than once, as well as reinstalling Java.


I'm not sure if this is of any use either but here is the result of diagnostics test -



Processor=Intel® Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz

[internet Connection]
Test 1=Pass
Test 2=Pass

App Version=1.82.22
Install Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftKit
AppData Path=C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit
Profile Path=C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit\Profiles\way2tall

[Permissions - Read / Write]
Install Directory=Pass / Pass
Install Directory\Data=Pass / Pass
Screenshots=Pass / Pass
AppData=Pass / Pass
Temp Data=Pass / Pass
Profiles=Pass / Pass
way2tall=Pass / Pass
way2tall\Data=Pass / Pass
way2tall\History=Pass / Pass
way2tall\Notes=Pass / Pass
GlobalSettings.ini=Pass / Pass
Links.ini=Pass / Pass




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