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Kalphite King - Sunday Oct. 19th - 2PM EST/6PM GMT

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Kalphite King -

- Coinshare Mass -

Time and Date
Date: Sunday 19th October 2014
Time: 2pm EST, 6pm GMT
Friends Chat: Nick Levells




- This week we will be taking on The Kalphite King! Formerly dubbed the "Toughest Boss in RuneScape history", The King is a boss monster who can be found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. 
At a combat level of 2500, it has since dropped down to the rank of 3rd strongest monster in RuneScape, do not let this fool you though! It's vast range of damaging attacks, hard hitting minions & deadly '1 hit' special make the Kalphite King one boss not to under estimate! 
The Kalphite King uses all three styles of combat, randomly cycling through them as the fight goes on... changing it's weakness in-line with the combat triangle as it does so. It is there for common, although not mandatory, for players to bring two styles of combat to deal with this. 
Read on below for a general guide on the Kalphite King.

- Getting there
Preferred route is running straight South-South East from the Bandit Camp lodestone. (Requires completion of Desert Tresure quest)


- The Fight
Although it is possible to solo the Kalphite King, there are 3 main roles in which each person in a team must fulfil, these being;

Role one: Tank
- The tank is to have the Kalphite Kings attention on them at all times via use of incite & provoke, taking the bulk of The Kings hits when it is doing focused attacks such as on it's Melee phase.
- Stay away from the walls & lure KK away from minions if it does happen to dig while there present to lower the amount of damage you take!


Role two: Provoker (Voke)
- The job of the Provoker is exactly that, to provoke the Kings attention when necersery to avoid the tank being downed by it's special 'Green Attack'. The rest of the time they just do DPS. (See role three)
- Try and keep adrenaline high/ full at all times, ready to use an ultimate or resonance to negate the damage of the special attack.
- Vokers may chose to bring runes for the Lunar spell 'Heal other', for use after triggering barricade. 
Please Note: The Kalphite King does not use it's green attack while on it's Magic phase, therefore feel free to dps without worry during this period. 

Role Three: Attacker (DPS)
- It's the DPS job to smash the King into submission as quickly as possible, clearing it's minions along the way. Simples!
- Be prepared to step in as a back up provoker incase of the main one dying (which is fairly common), so bring a shield.   :P


- Advised setup
Below an example of what gear to use & inventory:


Inventory is largely down to personal preference & confidence. Make appropriate changes were necessary, for example, more rocktails instead of portants.
Make necessary changes to gear to accommodate your levels, max DPS gear isn't a must, especially given the numbers that regularly attend TMHT events!   :)

- TMHT Recommends
- Completion of Desert Task set for quick teleport to nardah bank & lovely tribrid stats of the necklace!
- Overloads, Turmoil & Soulplit. Super/ extreme potions will work fine too!
- Completion of Desert Treasure quest for use of Bandit Camp lodestone.
- At least 70+ in chosen style(s) of combat.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!   :D


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Had one of the best turnouts I've had in a long time! And without cheating, only 3 people were clannies/friends haha

Unfortunately, the drops were really bad... saw someone say there were having fun though and that's what we're here for :)

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