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Beginner's Reference corrections/updates

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I'm referring to this page.  Some corrections and updates seem to be in order:


  • Emotes need to be updated to include newer ones (i.e., RuneScape through the ages).
  • Add abbreviations: EOC (Evolution of Combat), Cit (Clan citadel), KK (Kalphite King), ROTS (Rise of the Six, Barrows brothers)
  • Gravestones: add that you need to be in the same world as you died to access your gravestone and get back your stuff.
  • Character looks: Skin colour and gender, Hair and beard, and Clothes changes are now free of charge.  Armbands still cost 500 coins to change.  Changing your boots at Yrsa would now seem to be free (source).
  • Skills: Something about Runespan should probably be mentioned under Runecrafting.  Divination should be added into the members-only skills.  You don't need a tinderbox for FM anymore since the toolbelt update, and the fact that there is a bronze hatchet on the toolbelt by default makes that redundant (perhaps that should be mentioned).  Dungeoneering: add a picture showing the entrance and explain that they need to click through prompts to get to single-player dungeon raiding.  I find many players get hung up on this.
  • Developer's console: ` no longer works; one needs to press ALT+` or one of a couple other keys.  It does give a message ingame indicating this so not the highest priority to update I suppose.
  • A section on Evolution of Combat and Legacy odes with a brief description and links within would probably be helpful.

If time to do all this is an issue, I would be happy to rewrite the relevant sections so someone could just double-check and then C&P them in.

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






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